You know is an actual scammer? Justin Sun, scammed Tron, scammed Steemit, scammed the US Government

in #film5 years ago (edited)

He does it for China and the CCP. they promised they would fix his barbie doll genitals but it's a lie -- there is nothing you can do to fix barbie doll genitals.


I'd not heard of this movie, might check it out. I really like your writing style. looking forward to seeing more.

One nice thing about the fact that Justin Sun of Tron and Steemit and Bittorrent has barbie doll genitals is that he can't procreate. His only children are his Hello Kitty lunchboxes which he bought by commingling funds and laundering money through the Tron Foundation. I do not understand why the US government Cares ACT gave his Chinese CCP shell companies millions of dollars in PPP relief and grants. That is something they should do AML KYC on.

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Tron is led by a human like creature named Justin Sun who has barbie doll genitals.

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