Filmmaker’s Diaries - Been away, but I'm gere to stay!

Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary! - September 2020

Hello? Hello, beautiful people. How are you doing I'm video Vasco as always. And I'm well, I know, I know I've been away for some time. I know I started a podcast and then it's like three weeks and I don't show up and stuff, but, um, I am here now. I am here now and I'm gonna explain everything and say everything, all the truth.

Truth video truth. Maybe that should be the unit. Well, um, what happened? So in this last three and a half weeks, what happened is there was two weeks in there where there was just, um, a personal thing, like a personal event in my personal life. Uh, that just, you know, and so I just didn't, I could, like, I just didn't do the podcast.

I don't want to do the podcast, anything. There was no time. Other things were more important and so on. Uh, also even as far as general work even is concerned as well, you know, it was, you know, it wasn't easy, it's still not easy and stuff, but, um, but here I am. Uh, so that also brings me that it's kind of a new phase is like a beginning of, for new era.

Let's call it. It's a beginning. It's a new beginning in a sense. And even though it's not, Oh, is easy. It's where we are. And I'm a here the other week and a half. Well, I'm going to talk about, so, um, again, not only it's a new era, but I also took that a bit more literal, literally. And, uh, well, I started, uh, a whole new niche, a whole new company, if you will, for the video business.

Right. Uh, I was thinking about it after that two week pause break. Uh, I, you know, I really took a deep breath saw what should I do? What was the best course of action? What am I doing wrong? And, um, well, and I came to the conclusion. I just need to start fresh in a sense. So I started fresh from scratch a brand new company, uh, dedicated to health and, um, Wellbeing, but, uh, more, more specific for doctors at this point.

So, you know, that's, it's an entire thing onto itself. It's a new website, which is made now. It's, you know, every single thing you need to do new. So a lot of work you need to prepare, uh, everything. I did have the video of presenting my, a standard company. Let's call it where I did a take of the, my interview.

And I used some examples of like dentists. To explain to my, my, my company, what we do, the power of video for them and stuff. So, uh, today actually I think I'm going to go back, see if I still have that. And if I can edit a new version of a presentation video for this new sub company, which would be cool.

So I'm doing that at this point. I also need to, to go and find some, uh, doctors and thinking some dentists, plastic surgeons, um, And see if I can talk to them and maybe, you know, offer some photos, maybe offer a video, I don't know, in exchange for like to talk and to have the portfolio as well and stuff.

And so, well, there's that big new start also, I have the mentorship from a, this RegioGraph Academy so that, you know, I applied to like, have it be and do some work, some editing work and stuff for them. In the exchange student receive some mentorship, which would be great. Right? Cause you know, this dude has made a lot of money.

So with video, you really knows. And I would love to have somebody just really helped me out personally. It was just pointing out stuff because you know, it's a bit such a long journey. So many things, uh, put in the hours. I really work. I am smart. I have the passion, I have the dedication and I want to do, I did everything right.

But there's always something that just doesn't click, you know, there's always a little problem. So I'm sure there's little things like details that I'm not seeing that are really making the whole difference. So I'm really exciting about the excited about this, um, mentorship. And I can only hope that it goes well already have a 30 minute call exchange, some emails.

Can't wait for the next call. So, yeah. And yeah, he also told me at this point to go and talk to like doctors and see what's the marketing situation. So that's, that's pretty exciting. Then there was also that pizza place that I would love to work with them. I would love to make them the biggest busy place in my area, you know, because they're really cool.

And I like the vibe that like a local, well, they are a local business, but they're also like, like a family business owned kind of thing. They're doing their best to, you know, survive at this times. And I really would like to make them super huge. And so there was also a lot of work in this week and a half there, uh, did a lot of X and I thought of all the presentation printed, all these things, did some marketing research, uh, give them a lot of cool, gave them a lot of cool tips, you know?

And, uh, and I had a meeting with them on Friday, so they it's Wednesday I'm meeting with them on Friday that went cool. David asked on top of the video, can you do as a website as well and stuff. So, um, so that's where we are. I like the meeting I offer even to do like a free, sorry, a free video. And then I have two other options that would be painted.

I was still giving them some cool, very cool discounts. Cause I really didn't want to do this with them. And I think they're so good that if we do this, they will keep on being a customer on and on. Um, so I did all of that, but then I sent the, the, um, the, I sent the presentation for the website on Monday.

I still haven't heard anything. A couple of, I know that they take a long time to check their Instagram. I only have there the gram contact at this moment, which that was a mistake. Um, I know that they take a long time. Cause last time it was like days and days for them to reply. But, um, yeah, but I hope I didn't scare them out with the website price, which was still very, very reasonable.

And I still gave them like, uh, options, how to do them then selves and stuff. And, um, Yeah. I just hope, you know, the, the price was pretty low, but they, you know, they were a bit scared with the current situation, the finances, you know, we don't have the stimulus checks here, for example. And you know, people are a bit, um, well, you know, only natural, but, uh, as I told her, I think even at this time, you guys can expand a lot on, I would love to help them do that.

So let's see. But still no answer on that one, but, uh, but yeah, so that's pretty cool. So let's see that one. Uh, Dan, uh, I've also, when I was rethinking, there was a thing I really thought of going, um, you know, fully on it, which was like products, like product photography and product video as well. Um, because I just think the times are right for that, you know, cause more everyone will live.

Product photos, right? Because every online shop, every commerce, everything, even though I left work with like a street commerce, because I think that's important. I cannot deny that the trend is going more and more obviously now towards the online. And so everybody will need the photos of the products of eCommerce.

Everyone needs to go online and everyone needs a good photos and videos of the products. And it's also a cool thing to do because you don't have to deal with anyone really, you know, it can have your own time in your own studio. They just need to ship you the stuff you do and you, and that's it. And it can also be very easy.

I have like a box where the thing just it's pretty immediately, you just put it there, take the picture and then it looks pretty cool. So that's one approach as well. And no. And I can offer it at the cool price for now to get a couple people. And then there's also a creative part of it where you can really, uh, you know, be creative and do all this stuff, you know?

So I'm looking forward to that. I have a couple of courses and I got from the five day deal. If you guys don't know the five day deal it's coming out actually next month, this year is five videos. So yearly. Deal, uh, where, you know, you buy a lot, a lot of courses and they give some stuff to do sharing and stuff.

I keep on talking about them, cause I really love and everything. I'd heard about photography, not video in cinema, but actually photography I'm. I started quite recently and everything I know it's from their courses actually from the fact they deal really. As soon as I started looking into photo, I had all the information, all the courses I needed, all the resources, all the subscriptions, everything.

Enough of that. So, uh, in that, I'm also working on that and, uh, I think S still district have a, not the website, but like a page for now. I'm just going to do a page on the main company's website with the product photography. And I still need to take some, some pictures. Uh, then there's though a website, like a freelance website kind of thing from my area.

And I keep getting emails and stuff, but I need, you need to pay to reply to people. And I just didn't have the money. But then they gave me like a couple of credits for free so I can reply for free. So also, uh, next on the list for this week, I need to go and redo the, the profile, make it all pretty and nice.

And then see, when you see the first offer that it's really right at the location, the price, the, everything, I'll send it to them and hopefully start getting some clients from that site as well. Exciting about that. And lastly, but not list my friends, which I've worked with before, he's like a, an artist writer, painter.

He he's been, he's been really putting everything he has into it to really make it happen and stuff. And, uh, you know, uh, I did a video for him already, all this stuff. And now I also did give him a few tips on marketing in general, when I saw his system and everything. And now just a few weeks now he's selling more, is really making a lot of paints paintings, writing the walls murals and stuff like that.

So he's gonna hire me also to do some videos for him. He also takes some time off his hands. Very simple stuff. But it's really cool for, you know, he's my friend and that school. And then also it's very, very easy stuff for me. It's like nothing really. And I can do that. Then it's a little extra that is much needed as well for me personally.

Um, yeah, you know, that's the first thing I hope. Uh, I don't take as big as a pause from this podcast as I did this time, but then again, you know, it was just a matter of priorities. And all right. Happy filming. Happy cinema, happy video. I'll see you. Next time, judge up.

As always, thank you for reading.

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Filmmaker’s Diaries - August is running fast! (20/08/2020)
maxjoy (68)in #filmmakersdiaries • last month
Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary! - 20/08/2020

All right. Can’t believe it's Thursday already. I've been talking about time running out this week again. It's like, boom, boom, boom, boom. All of a sudden it's like Thursday and, uh, just, just, uh, just unbelievable really, but anyhow, so the here's what happened the last couple of days.

On Tuesday I didn't do much if there was a personal thing that really, really took a lot of time. And then I, I just edit it a bit, that video for my girlfriend. So that was basically then on Wednesday, I did a lot of planning and I, then I decided that, I'm am going to go for the free stuff and not do too much marketing and ads and stuff, but I'm just going to focus on offering that free service as I was talking about.

So as far as the business side, that's, that's the plan. I, I structure it. I've been out yesterday. Uh, still need to, to do things, but again, it's crazy. It was two weeks. And now all of a sudden it's already Thursday. So this week it's going to be gone. I'm going to finished the planning, I guess, today.

And then tomorrow's already Friday. So all of a sudden, it's like one a week that I have until the end of August. Almost every weekend, something just crazy this time thing. But anyhow, that's the plan also, uh, tight that, you know, even though it's August in a lot of stuff, it's close, then people are, you know, more on the beach and stuff.

Um, Well, that's one way also to get a reach out in the marketing, without ads it's to go to the center, you know, go downtown kind of thing, and just walk into the business that I feel could really benefit from my help and services and stuff and talk to them. So, um, so I was going to do that today. I was, I really had a big plan to do that, but to make other Valdez it's, it's raining, it's like very.

A gray sky and stuff like that, which is weird. You know, I live in a very sunny place and we are in the middle of August, which is like number one summer thing. But today it's, it's like that personally, I didn't mind too much. It's just, it kinda, um, you know, collapsed a bit. My, my plans, you know, Other than that.

So I've been, I haven't finished anything that video for my girlfriend. I think I'm just going to do that right after this recording. Um, but it's almost. It's almost. And, um, then, uh, I've um, yeah, the writing I wrote, I've written a little bit yesterday, not on the, not on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I did write a little bit, but here's also what I think, you know, I have some upstairs neighbors that they're just, they have like two little kids, two little daughters, but, and it's just, and I know everyone has noisy upstairs neighbors.

But trust me, it's just completely mental and they've been away on holidays, I guess, because it's been very quiet for like two months and, Oh my God. How grateful am I for that? But yesterday, I guess they're back. Um, while it wasn't completely insane yesterday, but it was already okay. They're back. There was some running, there was some crying, there was some and that just threw me off a little bit.

And, uh, and that's that's uh, no, so that's that there has been also some personal time and some research into, I dunno, world affairs and things like that. And so I figured out my plan for the marketing business side, and then I was kind of thing. There's this short movie I kind of want to make, but I'm thinking if it's worth it.

Cause it's, um, I don't know. I. Given the madness of today's world. I mean, it's even, I don't know, it's even risky, you know, it's like, it's for sure. Shit is not going to help me in the, in the business side. And probably not in the film director side either. I don't know. It's probably, you know, and I don't know, but I kind of want to make it, so that's the big thing, cognitive, the bigger incognito thing.

And the, you know, the big question, what am I talking about? So that's the big question to be resolved today. Maybe as, I don't know, this week until the end of the week, I have the bunch of stuff that I, I I've put on the, to do list for this week. A lot of stuff. And again, time is running so fast that I don't know.

I don't know. So I'm a bit, uh, I'm a bit off schedule we're told exactly I want to do. Let's see if I can still do them tomorrow. It's Friday. So it's the last day to do a few things. There's like some tax things, even that I need to do this. So tomorrow's the last day or that kind of business, but. I'll I'll uh, hopefully I'll end the podcast saying I did everything I wanted to do this week.
And more also, I, I subscribed to like a platform for workers. Let's say, you know, for service providers and things like that. And, um, I got a lot. I get like, I dunno, five emails a day or something like that. For people looking for photography, it's mainly photography. And I guess it's not the top clients and it's kind of people looking for like the cheapest thing and stuff like that, I guess, but a well, but at least it's there.

And I, again, this, this is super crucial times. I'm I'm really, it's like super, super emergency mode. Guided thing. Read the alert where I'm Bri fucking dates. I'm like job right now. So that, that can be a cool possibility. We shall see the thing is I need to pay them a little bit, so I can reply to the, to the proposals, you know, a day.

I don't know, it's quite a bit, it's like 70 euros and stuff. And so I haven't done that yet, but also a little beam of light that can come from 'em. From that platform. Okay. And also, I guess I got an invitation to join another platform, like blogging, where you can also get paid quite a bit of money and stuff.

Um, But I haven't had any news again, this is it. This was supposed to be a quick update, but a apparent there's a lot of stuff to talk about. So that's it for now? It's um, Thursday, August, uh, it's rainy and cloudy and it's like a afternoon, mid afternoon. Thank you for listening and I'll be back with Dan next update.

Hopefully amazing one for this week. Let's have an awesome week and you as well. You listening there, man, and lady or a lady and lady, I wish you a fantastic week as well.

As always, thank you for reading.

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