Filmmaker’s Diaries - 23/04/2020

Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary! - 23/04/2020

In these last days, I did a mini doc to send to the new competition… is not that great… but I decided to send it. Why not!?

I got some toys… in the world where people fight for toilet paper and what 2hours in line for food, I went out and got some toys heheheh Listen to my inner child… I goal is to use them and start making some animation short… I do not know Stop-motion… not really… I shall learn. In times like this… one gets to make animation. (In the super market they di not had the screw that I need, soon I’ll make another tour)

Made some other youtube videos.

Started writing in a more focused mode today. And I think what my writing plan is. For now I will write a chapter of a horror feature.

Also got a couple of books delivered today. Two about screenwriting… exiting times.

That’s it, just a quick update.

As always, thank you for reading.

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It's very important to keep acting and feeling like a kid, in the best way possible. Good for you!

Yeah, I think so.