Filmmaker’s Diaries - August is running fast! (20/08/2020)

Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary! - 20/08/2020

All right. Can’t believe it's Thursday already. I've been talking about time running out this week again. It's like, boom, boom, boom, boom. All of a sudden it's like Thursday and, uh, just, just, uh, just unbelievable really, but anyhow, so the here's what happened the last couple of days.

On Tuesday I didn't do much if there was a personal thing that really, really took a lot of time. And then I, I just edit it a bit, that video for my girlfriend. So that was basically then on Wednesday, I did a lot of planning and I, then I decided that, I'm am going to go for the free stuff and not do too much marketing and ads and stuff, but I'm just going to focus on offering that free service as I was talking about.

So as far as the business side, that's, that's the plan. I, I structure it. I've been out yesterday. Uh, still need to, to do things, but again, it's crazy. It was two weeks. And now all of a sudden it's already Thursday. So this week it's going to be gone. I'm going to finished the planning, I guess, today.

And then tomorrow's already Friday. So all of a sudden, it's like one a week that I have until the end of August. Almost every weekend, something just crazy this time thing. But anyhow, that's the plan also, uh, tight that, you know, even though it's August in a lot of stuff, it's close, then people are, you know, more on the beach and stuff.

Um, Well, that's one way also to get a reach out in the marketing, without ads it's to go to the center, you know, go downtown kind of thing, and just walk into the business that I feel could really benefit from my help and services and stuff and talk to them. So, um, so I was going to do that today. I was, I really had a big plan to do that, but to make other Valdez it's, it's raining, it's like very.

A gray sky and stuff like that, which is weird. You know, I live in a very sunny place and we are in the middle of August, which is like number one summer thing. But today it's, it's like that personally, I didn't mind too much. It's just, it kinda, um, you know, collapsed a bit. My, my plans, you know, Other than that.

So I've been, I haven't finished anything that video for my girlfriend. I think I'm just going to do that right after this recording. Um, but it's almost. It's almost. And, um, then, uh, I've um, yeah, the writing I wrote, I've written a little bit yesterday, not on the, not on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I did write a little bit, but here's also what I think, you know, I have some upstairs neighbors that they're just, they have like two little kids, two little daughters, but, and it's just, and I know everyone has noisy upstairs neighbors.

But trust me, it's just completely mental and they've been away on holidays, I guess, because it's been very quiet for like two months and, Oh my God. How grateful am I for that? But yesterday, I guess they're back. Um, while it wasn't completely insane yesterday, but it was already okay. They're back. There was some running, there was some crying, there was some and that just threw me off a little bit.

And, uh, and that's that's uh, no, so that's that there has been also some personal time and some research into, I dunno, world affairs and things like that. And so I figured out my plan for the marketing business side, and then I was kind of thing. There's this short movie I kind of want to make, but I'm thinking if it's worth it.

Cause it's, um, I don't know. I. Given the madness of today's world. I mean, it's even, I don't know, it's even risky, you know, it's like, it's for sure. Shit is not going to help me in the, in the business side. And probably not in the film director side either. I don't know. It's probably, you know, and I don't know, but I kind of want to make it, so that's the big thing, cognitive, the bigger incognito thing.

And the, you know, the big question, what am I talking about? So that's the big question to be resolved today. Maybe as, I don't know, this week until the end of the week, I have the bunch of stuff that I, I I've put on the, to do list for this week. A lot of stuff. And again, time is running so fast that I don't know.

I don't know. So I'm a bit, uh, I'm a bit off schedule we're told exactly I want to do. Let's see if I can still do them tomorrow. It's Friday. So it's the last day to do a few things. There's like some tax things, even that I need to do this. So tomorrow's the last day or that kind of business, but. I'll I'll uh, hopefully I'll end the podcast saying I did everything I wanted to do this week.
And more also, I, I subscribed to like a platform for workers. Let's say, you know, for service providers and things like that. And, um, I got a lot. I get like, I dunno, five emails a day or something like that. For people looking for photography, it's mainly photography. And I guess it's not the top clients and it's kind of people looking for like the cheapest thing and stuff like that, I guess, but a well, but at least it's there.

And I, again, this, this is super crucial times. I'm I'm really, it's like super, super emergency mode. Guided thing. Read the alert where I'm Bri fucking dates. I'm like job right now. So that, that can be a cool possibility. We shall see the thing is I need to pay them a little bit, so I can reply to the, to the proposals, you know, a day.

I don't know, it's quite a bit, it's like 70 euros and stuff. And so I haven't done that yet, but also a little beam of light that can come from 'em. From that platform. Okay. And also, I guess I got an invitation to join another platform, like blogging, where you can also get paid quite a bit of money and stuff.

Um, But I haven't had any news again, this is it. This was supposed to be a quick update, but a apparent there's a lot of stuff to talk about. So that's it for now? It's um, Thursday, August, uh, it's rainy and cloudy and it's like a afternoon, mid afternoon. Thank you for listening and I'll be back with Dan next update.

Hopefully amazing one for this week. Let's have an awesome week and you as well. You listening there, man, and lady or a lady and lady, I wish you a fantastic week as well.

As always, thank you for reading.

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