Filmmaker’s Diaries - Eventful weeks... ups and downs and sealed scripts

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Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary! - 22/02/2020

Some eventful couple of weeks…. Wish could say that it was only good things…

The good news:

Yesterday, I finally finished that short script! I’ve sent it to a proofreader, to make sure it’s all nice and typo free. Should get it in a few days. I also asked her for general notes, so let’s see, if she has a great point that I haven’t seen yet, I might do a minor tweak. But normally, I should get the version with no spelling/ punctuation mistakes and I’m good to go. Lock it in.

I’ve been discussing it deeply with a filmmaker friend of mine and he had some good points to take into consideration. All of this to say, the script is done. And in a few days it should be vacum sealed. Have a lot of ideas/ aspirations for it. Going to send it to all the top short screenwriting competitions in the world. (Now, I have my first two oficial first scripts locked)

This leads me to the dreadful topic of….


At this time I have no budget to send the script to any competition. There is one competition that I’ve missed already, but all the others don’t have a final deadline soon. So I can wait a bit longer (pay more) but send it when I have a bit more money, so that’s good, I guess. Other than that, there is only one that has the final deadline next week… and is not the cheapest to submit either. Have to get the money for that one soon.

Editing freelancer gig:

Well, this is not going as planed … still a bit in the limbo.

First of all, they sent an email ( a couple weeks ago) saying they were looking for some editors to do what I do… this was not so nice. I do think that they want more videos and not another editor to replace me… but not so nice none the less.

Been waiting for the videos to get approved/ paid… been waiting for a week now, for the last ones… and months for the old ones that will not be approved, for now - That really sucked. So, I did all of these videos months and months ago…. nothing…. Months and months with no update… without getting paid… and now more time waiting.

We did mention that Monday wold be a good day to assess the week, so I’m hoping this Monday, the new ones get approved and that I can proceed with other ones. At the begging of the year, despite all the mentioned issues, somehow I “calculated” that by February all of it would be fixed and things would go back to normal. Guess I’m still within the timeline.

But this is not the ideal situation, not at all… really need this to work out thought. Let’s hope so, without it, everything would be a huge mess. Still in February, but man… nothing can be easy can it?…

Have a few videos to complete, that I should do it by tomorrow (or today), but with all this, motivation really is lacking…

Video Production

This last couple of weeks have been extremely draining and demotivating in these regard…

Been working hard on this department… because yes, times are extremely urgent… and it just doesn’t work out… it got me thinking that maybe I should let go of the Real Estate Video thing… cut my losses. (Every single Videographer I spoke to, worldwide, said that the experience with real estate people was not good)

Then everything went wrong… I went to a real estate meet up and the main person there had just hired a videographer in house… (Note, I had been there prior to this) … that knock me out.

Plus, I was felling quite anxious… the “to do list” I had last week was not completed, this week even… and that was leading to no activity in other activities i.e. writing.

Really made me question everything… quite some thoughtful days lately… I even consider, just making an online product and apply all my marketing know how to sell it and have that as a side hustle for now and then go back to the videos… I don’t know…

Really need to rethink the all thing this week. Re strategise, practise with the drone. And focus on those 80-20 rewards. Hope to have some good news this next week about that.

Music Videos

Yes… music videos are back in the picture heheh How it all started.

Crazy to think that, that was the main goal when this diaries started… and that they were put aside for “a while”,, while the corporate/ real estate videos took off…

Well, here is what s happening:

My friend, for whom I did one of the videos detailed in this diaries… (The “Special Effects” one), called me some days ago. (Haven’t seen him, in a long time) (Just to recap: making that video was one of the most insane things ever to happen, and my all life was on the verge at the time… and after a thousand problems and impossibilities… I managed to finished the video and in a way that I’m proud of it (it’s on my portfolio)… But hardcore crazy project and times… some of it is documented in this Diaries series… but the number os sleepless nights alone is crazy. (That’s when I started being mindful of my eyes being red) And after all of that, he ended up not using it… So no “publicity” form it… One of the reasons why the all video clip company was put on hold. (Oh yeah, I did it for free as well, because I was building my video clip portfolio… )

But, he called me saying that he wants to do a short/film type video. I don’t know… I have a few boxes to check and if al the boxes are checked… it could be interesting. I should be meeting with him today… he hasn’t confirmed yet. (Not a great start). So I’m wondering if, I should just send him a message delaying it for next week. Plus I could do the editing videos chilled today and work on my stuff.

Let’s see what happens here, it is an interesting topic.

And last but not least:

Short Film/ Video Competition

There is this competition taking place… for a 5min video… I’ll make something I’m proud and will use it in my portfolio anyways. But I’m going to use this competition as an excuse to make an short film heheheh Since there is a price to be won.

More on that soon. The deadline is begging of April.

As always, thank you for reading.

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