Lady Gaga: 5 foot 2

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Once every couple of days I will throw a documentary into the mix of my daily entertainment just so I can remain well-rounded. I'm joking about the well-rounded part. Mostly I get drawn into something by the quality of the trailer and they did a good job with this one. I know a few GaGa songs but I wouldn't really call myself a fan. I do know that she is a bit of a weirdo, or at least that is her persona.

After watching this documentary I kind of have a new appreciation for the woman because she is a lot more than just a sex symbol as I learned while watching this that she is actually quite an accomplished piano player and is actively involved in the creation of a lot of her songs which is not something that a lot of pop stars in similar situations as her actually do but rather just rely on someone else or a team of other people to write their songs for them.


It is impossible to know how genuine it is since I think even famous people behave differently when the camera is constantly in their face than if they were alone but Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, appears to have not let her fame go to her head as far as her family and friends who were friends before she was famous was concerned. I always admire this and have heard stories about how people like Jim Carrey and George Clooney to this day hang out with their friends who are not famous and take them on lavish trips just to hang out with folks that they know aren't going to be constantly licking their boots.


While I am not necessarily a fan of her music I also don't hate it either. I can appreciate the effort that goes into the pageantry and the crazy looks that she designs and after watching this doco it appears as though she is actively involved in the process and it isn't just done for her by a team and a manager. She is presented without makeup and designer clothes on and simply struts around most of the time wearing regular clothes like a normal human.

She does come across as a little bit of a strange person when she decides to have a meeting with some of the team in her record label next to a swimming pool where she is unabashedly topless the entire time. So if you want to see GaGa with her tits out there is plenty of that in this documentary as well.

If you want the uncensored version it is easy enough to find!

For me, as a non-GaGa fan I found this entire production to be one of the better rockumentaries that I have seen in a while and that says a lot since I can only think of one song of hers off the top of my head. For a true fan, this would probably be a really interesting and fun ride.

We have this idea in our head when we think about celebrities that they have a super easy life filled with opulence and zero problems but after watching this and some of the other pop-star doco's I have seen I believe that their lives are actually considerably more stressful than the average person's life is and that is kind of nice to see. I like to believe that these people get paid tons of money and actually have to work for it a bit. Lady GaGa seems to be working basically all the time and even though I am not a fan of her music, at least we get to see that there is actually a ton of work and stress that goes into her making her millions. I realize after just this short and entertaining 1 hour and 20 minutes that her life is certainly a lot more stressful than mine - although she does get chamfered around a great deal more than I do.

Should I watch it?

Like I said a few times above, I am not a fan of her or her music and I thoroughly enjoyed all of this film for many reasons the main being that she actually is talented and has a lot to do with why it is that she is a star. I don't think that the same can be said for a lot of the other pop stars that basically have all of their songs, choreography, and everything about their persona handed to them by other people. It also shows a kind of unusual take on how "difficult" it can to be a star like her particularly when she talks about how "people are talking to me and touching me all day, every day" and maybe you THINK you would love that sort of adulation, but honestly, this documentary does a good job of showing how irritating that could become.

I think anyone would find this entertaining and perhaps a bit eye-opening, the same way that I did