Will Wall Street Fight Back?

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Let's take a look outside the crypto for a little bit, rarely happen in wall street.
A lot of expert says, that this is a war between Wall street and Main Street. Hedge fund is shooting the price down more and even more and main street try to bring the price more up.
My hubby is doing his part to be part of history, he got in when the price was $293.00. It was little too late, he should get in last week when the price was still low. It's still free money right there.


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Maybe the stock market (NYSE) will have a hard time. I'm not sure.

Hi @gungho,
They freeze the market for gamestop, only allow people to sell (to prevent price to go up more) not to buy to make people panic since the price went down to $132.00 (although went back up to $275.00)
It's surely war, but i saw all people warned each other not to sell until Friday when Wallstreet has to buy back to cover their loss.
Only crypto welcome to all with no manipulation.

Apu, I am a new user of this platform. Your posts are very captivating. I really like your posts.

thank you @lugina, for providing information that is very useful for us, and good luck always, and always be healthy

Thank you very much.

Dear @lugina

Surely it's a very trendy topic right now. It seem to me that even people not interested with stock markets heard about current issue with gamestop.

I've been wondering: would it be possible and profitable to open short positions on gamestop right now, while price is so high and assuming that very unlikely it will still grow much?
Could hedge funds make billions by shorting it right now?

Any thoughts on that?

Yours, Piotr

Hi @crypto.piotr,
Honestly yeah, since crypto around my husband and I had left stock market.

It's a pump and dump game, hedge fund lost billions last Friday according to many articles.
Not sure now, they will easily manipulate the market. Take care.

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Do you still post about finances sometimes @lugina?

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Cheers, Piotr

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