Wall-Street movies you have to watch

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Economic subjects aren’t exactly the first choices of film lovers, who usually go for dramas, historical movies or comedies. However, movies about business, especially those about financial crisis are dramatic subjects.

So if you want to be inspired and learn from other’s mistakes or you simply want to understand how the economic system works, you should watch these movies about Wall-Street and business.

The Big Short

The adaptation of the book of Michael Lewis from 2010 about financial crises is said to be one of the best business movies. Christian Bale plays the role of Michael Burry, the director of a hedge fond that predicts the collapse of the real estate market.

Along Christian Bale, there are other great actors in this movie, like Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and Brad Pitt.



The movie from 1987, directed by Oliver Stone, presents the story of a young broker played by Charlie Sheen, who aims to get to the top.

With the help of a senior broker interpreted by Michael Douglas, Bud Fox manages to become rich and to advance in his career, but he also gets stuck in many cases of economic spying.


Wall-Street: Money Never Sleeps

The sequel of the Wall Street movie tells the story of the money that are made with any price, and the story of the people who would do absolutely anything to be the on the first place. This movie also continues the story of Gordon Gekko, the character played by Michael Douglas.

The main character is played by Shia LaBeouf, a smart trader who goes to Gekko for help, forming an alliance from which they should both have something to win.


The Wolf of Wall-Street

Of course, The Wolf of Wall-Street could not be missing from this list. It’s true, maybe it’s not such a dramatic movie as the ones mentioned before, but it is for sure a great dark comedy worth watching, and it’s also based on a true story.

The movie presents Jordan Belfort, a broker who lived the American dream: he started from the bottom, he had a nice ascension, but the greed specific to Wall Street takes him to a very wrong path. The main character is played by no other than Leonardo DiCaprio, and the movie was directed by Martin Scorsese.


Let me know if you watched any of this or if you like watching these types of movies.

Thank you!


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Margin call Possible the greatest wall street one you missed out

I have watched two out of the movies listed but i still prefer wolf of wall street. It actually propelled me into knowing more about stock market and I eventually went into Forex Trading.


How about Rogue trader? The man who personally brought the biggest English bank down.



Full movie

I’ve seen all of them except The Big Short. All of them great movies...

Great choice of movies! The Wolf of Wall Street is for sure one of my favorite movies of all time!! Thanks for the post!

If you have knowledge then you are one step ahead from others!

True! I desperately tried to like the film "The Big Short", but failed to even understand. There are very few films I have seen till date, which have tested my limited knowledge, like this film did. There was so much econmy, finance, money, market and dividents included, that I missed the 'film' itself.

I've seen them all! The Wolf of Wall Street is one of my favorites!!

I watched The Wolf, such a great movie!

Will def check the other 2, I'm always looking for movies like that.

Btw, you might enjoy watching the series " Silicon Valley " - one of the best series out there

Thank you!

Watched wolf of wall street, loved it. It is one of my favourite movies.

I am going to watch all the other movies you mentioned as I love the wall street drama movies.

So thanks for sharing them.

One more movie that can be added to this list is The Boiler Room.

I really loved the Ben Affleck speech in it.

Have you watched that movie?

If yes, would you like to add it in this list?

Unfortunately I didn't watch The Boiler Room, yet!

I hope I will have the time to watch it in the next days! Thanks for your comment

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I only know the wolf of wall street and it was great!
Have to wath the others too!

Great movies friend @jwolf, my favorite is Wall Street 1. It was also impressive a film called "to big to fail" that tells the story of the stock market crash in 2008, did you see it?

On the other hand, I understand that there is a very good series called "Billions", will you know it? If so, how is it?

Billions is fantastic, and well worth a look!

I've seen Wall-Street: Money Never Sleeps and Wolf of Wall Street. Really great movies. I'll go download the other two now

Thanks! Enjoy!

ikisinide izledim . gerçekten güzel filmler.

yea KODI rocks.The_Wallure.JPG

I'm definitely seeing Wall-Street: Money Never Sleeps and The Wolf of The Wall Street

Michael Douglas and Leonardo does it for me. They are like my all times best actors. Show me any of their moves and I'm in

I've watched the wolf of wall street. Not that dramatic as you rightly put.

Yes, I have to admit that but for sure it's dramatic for those who usually are watching comedies.

I have seen them all, all very good movies.

That's great!

Knowledge is power, help others is good job. Good sharing for understanding economic from movies :)

Watched the move "Wolf of the Wall Street", such a good movie mate. By the way, I have a movie that I want to recommend to you, thought it's not about economics. I just find it very very good and funny, check out "How to be Latino Lover", you'd learn a lot from that movie too. Talk to me when you watched it :) Thanks for sharing this one!

Really enjoyed the big short

Indeed I watched The Wolf, this is such an awesome motion picture! delighted in particularly to watch this motion picture.

Leonardo de caprio's acting was extraordinary. I adore it. a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.

Thank you!

@jwolf very good recommendation of three excellent movies, I have to admit that my favorite is "Wolf of Wallstreet", still amazes me that it is a real life story and that Jordan Belfort did what he pleased and dominated wallstreet with so much speculation. Actually this man is a lecturer who is dedicated to teaching people how to persuade and how to take advantage of these in a sale, after all the bad things he did, I think we have to admit that he knows what it is to sell. Great post!

They all are excellent movies with subject matter of the world of the finance, but undeniably "The Big Short" is some of the best, without less they boast others, in these movies there is reflected the cruelty and the mobile "money" that surrounds this world, leaving externally the own interés of the company (cooperation, respect and support).

Excellent your selection of movies @jwolf

@jwolf Wolf of Wall ST, hands down the best one of them yet! Its got a little bit of everything if your into #Film! Writing this makes me wanna watch it again! lol

To add to margin call and the big short, i would also say "Too Big to Fail" for a full understanding of 2008.


Margin Call was already mentioned, but you are definitely missing Too Big To Fail here, probably the most comprehensive look on what really went down during the 2008 crisis. Based on Andrew Sorkin's book the movie captures the highest level discussions between big bank CEOs (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi etc), Paulson (Secretery of Treasury), Bernanke (FED) and others. cq5dam.web.1200.675.jpeg

Not just great movies, they are great learning tools as well.

Boiler Room & Margin Call & TV Show Billions



Billions! Amazing! One of the series I loved the most!

Can i get a link or website to download this movies?

Betting on Zero is a really good one that details a pyramid scheme in Herbalife and Bill Ackman's massive short.

Saw all of them and totally can recommend them. :thumbsup:

wall street missing forward

Great review of Wall-Street. Your logical word really appreciated . Thank you for sharing this post with us.

Wolf of wall street was a great movie, dunno about the big short (yet to see it) but it is star studded, hope it would be a great watch.

I watched before the movie wall street played by leonardo Dicaprio... And I really love that movie ...

But money and drugs destroyed him in that movie... !

Nice Post Yes You Are Correct About Economics.Thanks For Sharing.Following You

Very good post, Something new. also some Hollywood nice change.

Greetings from Berlin

Nice post brother.

Una gran película!

Verificará definitivamente los otros 2, siempre estoy buscando películas como esa.
buen post.

Τhe only movie I've seen is "The Wolf of Wall Street".
It's a great movie in my opinion!!

i will see bro.
thank you for post.

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very good movie ❤️

I have seen them all

I've seen some of them, I'll look at the rest. this is a good article

wow...nice post this movies really good. i like your post to much @jwolf . thanks for sharing post

It is nice movie, already I seen this movie

Yes these are good movies

Greetings man. Excellent topic. I really like to study the financial area related to investments and I saw all these movies mentioned. What I liked the most was the Big Short. By coincidence, I did an analysis of it this morning, I'd like you to read if it were possible:

thank you and good morning!!!

Hahaha yeah "money never sleeps" I've already watched the wolf of wall street , I do downloaded it. You will be having fun watching it because this is such a great movie 😍

The Big Short was a great one indeed.

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What about Boiler Room?

They are good movies I prefer real over colored up check some of the same on Frontline PBS <<<< "Truth is many times masked in a, Big Ole Lie. heh

I've watched one, "money don't sleep"

The Big Short is a nice movie, watched it few days ago.

I saw The Big short. It was mind-blowing for me. I even saw it several times.

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

Wizard of Lies is also a good one.


Great movies

i watch it all , nice selection, the wolf of the wall street is the best , dicarprio i love this actor one of the best , nice article keep sharing

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excellent the cinematographic way of understanding the economic crisis and in some way see the opportunities immersed in the crisis.

trying to make a good translation from Spanish to English.

These are really good movies! I love the one with Michael Douglas!

Is not my style....

Good wall st movies, but I'm liking the bitcoin movies out there and what is to come!
Please follow, upvote and comment on my post also, thanks
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Magnifico post! me gusto mucho, gracias por compartir.

"So if you want to be inspired and learn from other’s mistakes or you simply want to understand how the economic system works, you should watch these movies about Wall-Street and business."

Or you could read books and study economics or actually go and work in trading. Films are nice, but they're films.

Thank you for sharing. I'll check it out.

Inside Job is another great Film about Wall-Street. Although it is more a documentary than a movie, it is very informative and gives great insights in how the banking industry works.

One of my favourite Wall-Street movies is "The Big Short", highly recommended.

Nice..The greatest wall street one you missed out....

Great movies, It's funny 'cause I saw "the big short" yesterday for the second time.

your writing is very good about the movie that aired in 2010, I was belangsungkawa same film exspendable .. hehe
follow me and vote plees

I havent watched them, i will try and get them

yes i saw this movie .but i think the best movie i watched in my life is"the pursuit of happiness"

Wolf of wall street it was great movie.i like strategies gives in stockmarket.

Well perhaps when i watched such movies, I was simply watching the names of the actors not the massage. I guess I will have to re-watch those movies. Thank you for the pioneers.

I'm a big fan of the big short!

Steve Carell .!
He skillfully performs his rough acting in the movie.
It was very impressive.

I saw "The wolf og wall street" and it was a great movie! :)

Money never sleeps... but it sure does get bored...

Great list of movies right here!

Great movies! Most of them make me want to kill all bankers though LOL

The only one I've seen is the Wolf of Wall Street but these are great recommendations!

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

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I watch this movie it is a nice movie

Hi bro
This is Suresh Bhuvan
I saw u r post it's really very nice bro.
Thanks for sharing it bro.

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