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Not a whole lot of info for you guys today, just simply some updates

  • ZCL dropped so much that I can't sell it out of my bittrex account so that is on hold while waiing for BCTP to fork and be available
  • Mined 0.01 ETH over the last two days equating to about 3 Steem
  • Earned 0.185 SBD and 0.04 Steem from votes
  • Earned 0.05 Steem Power from curation rewards


Mining 6.3 Steem
Smartsteem rewards 0.95 SBD
Curation Rewards 0.05 Steem Power

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Day 3

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STEEM 0.68
TRX 0.10
JST 0.076
BTC 58250.79
ETH 4638.80
BNB 627.82
SBD 7.31