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It is not secret that cryptocurrency exchanges are the lifeblood of the crypto trades, without their existence, there would be zero liquidity for cryptocurrency, infact the hundreds of millions of dollars that we see as the marketcap of crypto would be non-existent and Cryptocurrencies would have collapsed a long time ago if not for this wonderful invention.

There are two fundamental types of exchanges that exists and they are the centralised and decentralised exchanges although in recent times, we have been seeing the rising spares of some controversial new exchanges that claim to be half centralised and half decentralised.

Blockchain technology is truly revolutionary, thanks to blockchain, we have seen so many innovations ranging from secure peer-to-peer financial transactions to even escrow services using smart contracts based in the blockchain technology, Blockchain technology is the underlying technology where Cryptocurrencies are built, infact blockchain technology is said to be the future and the next best innovation after the invention of the internet.

On this note, I am here to introduce you to a revolutionary decentralised Exchange that is based on blockchain technology, an exchange that utilizes the security, decentralisation and lightning fast speed that can only be found in the blockchain, the name of this decentralised Exchange is Finatch Exchange.


Finatch Exchanges can simply be described as "a new kid in the block" because it is quite new but has the potential to be the biggest kid in the block because the team behind it has studied other decentralised exchanges and has been able to identify their weaknesses and have decided to build an exchange that would utilize all the strengths of decentralised exchanges and get rid of the weaknesses.

Decentralised exchanges is the logical choice to use in the exchange of cryptocurrencies because the Cryptocurrencies itself was built on the blockchain and one of the fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is Decentralisation, so it is only logical to assume that in the nearest future, Decentralised exchanges would be the Boss of all exchanges because it returns all power to the people where they belong.

Many developers has realised this and they are all racing to build decentralised exchanges but they have all been going about it the wrong way until Finatch Exchange came along.


  • UNIQUE BLOCKCHAIN: Like I mentioned earlier, there has been a mad rush to create Decentralised Exchanges but they have all been going about it the wrong way, all existing decentralised exchanges seem to be building their exchanges on the Ethereum Blockchain and this is a weakness in itself because the Ethereum blockchain is not scalable and is built to handle a maximum of about 15 Transactions Per Second (TPS) and during times when the Ethereum blockchain is overloaded, the decentralised exchanges are basically crippled and cannot function because of scalability issues. Like I mentioned earlier, the geniuses behind FINATCH thought of this and this is why they came up with their very own unique blockchain and built the funatch exchange on it.

  • SECURITY: The funatch exchange is decentralised and I guess I do not need to explain why this would make it secure but incase you do not know, this simply means that no third party would be holding your funds in the exchange, you can make truly peer-to-peer transactions without having to worry about the security of your funds because you are fully in charge of them.

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