Finish The Story Contest - Week #65!

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A contest with a pot of 10 STEEM, 10 SBI & 1000 SNAX? You're in the right place!

317 @steembasicincome shares awarded till now, plus 22.558 SBD, 340 STEEM, & 11402 SNAX tokens through the contest in 64 weeks!

Welcome, voyagers of the fantastic, to our 65th Edition of the Finish The Story Contest! It's your resident squirrel, @Brisby, with the honor of taking the helm for this round. Last week was a bit of a rough one with everyone having to make adjustments from our most recent forking. Hope you all are ready to cut loose to delve into a fantasy world where psionic talents are the norm and exotic creatures roam free.

What treasures await within the mysterious depths of Drosselmyer's trunk?

1st place: n. 5 STEEM & 500 SNAX tokens

2nd place: n. 3 STEEM & 300 SNAX tokens

3rd place: n. 2 STEEM & 200 SNAX tokens

Popular vote: n. 7 @steembasicincome shares
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Best comment: n. 3 @steembasicincome shares.
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Map of the Bananafish Realms from a squirrelly perspective!

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  • Respect the dreadful 500 words limit! o_0

  • Help our contest & workshop to grow by giving it some visibility and consider linking back to this post in your entry.

Good luck, brave storytellers!

The Well

by @Brisby

Midnight barbs hooked Sedra’s duster as she sped through the bramble underbrush atop Nox. Errant envy for her psi-meleon’s iridescent scales fluttered within her mind. Perfect. I'm going to look like a bedraggled porcupine.

Beneath her legs, Nox’s sides twitched in time to the clicks his tongue made. His right eye rolled back to meet her gray gaze, mirth shining within the amber orb.

“Har-Har, my impudent beastie.” Sedra flushed, blonde brows furrowing with disdain while kicking a thrasher vine from her boot.

“I couldn’t give a trotter’s tail if Blayne has a thing for quills. He better have a damned good reason for trespassing into our Catacombs.” It didn’t take a psionic bond to interpret Nox’s responding chortle of clicks. She snapped back with a huff, “Who taught you about that? See if I rustle up eels for you anytime soon.”

Rumbling deep within his throat, Nox tensed and sprang to the left. Claws dug into the thick ochra bark of the tree before scrambling up to the outspread branches. His tail waved, readying for a leap before easing down to lie along its length. The frustration radiating from his rider ignored to admire the back of his eyelids.

Sedra clung to her mount, her excitement to be taking the treeline route thwarted by the lizard’s love for his favorite treat. “Nox! This is NOT the time for a tantrum!” Snaking out, the psi-meleon’s tongue hung limp from its mouth, letting her know that he could do this all day.

Bristling, she channeled a fine line of energy to the tuned topaz on her wrist. A bit of rezzing would get his stubborn ass up. Threading the loop with her mind, the aquamarine gem began to spark. Before she could release the resonation to zap Nox’s toe, he slid from his perch to hang upside down from the branch. His smug clicking dared her to go ahead and try it while they were dangling a hundred feet above the forest floor.

The soft light dimmed within her topaz. Like hers, his was an empty bluff. Keeping her grip tight, her thumb rubbed Nox’s hide in capitulation. “Alright!" she growled. "Three eels before bed if you can get us to The Well and back before they notice we’re missing.”

Triumphant pride purred within the air. Nox swung around to the branch’s top, tensed and leaped the expanse to the neighboring tree. Thrilling from the feel of the wind in their faces, the two raced towards the forest's edge. Both girl and beast let the rush of the journey override their unspoken dread.

Beyond the green was a showdown with a man who had been their friend. Within moments, they'd be facing their betrayer. One who had abandoned them to fend for themselves so that he could take possession of The Well.


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First blood for @sarez, the rock of FtS!


Thank you, Vida-Blanca! If you're interested, we've just added something different for this round only. All participants are welcome to enter in a second entry, should they wish. Our new deadline for all stories for FTS Edition #65 is now Thursday, 9/12/2019 - 11:00 p.m. EST.

Might swap this for another if we end up with two weeks to enter ;) so for now, an ending but not an entry <3

WiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIiiiii 🥳 Ending, entry, we love everything when coming from Calluna! The last word about the two weeks extention is on Brisby.. let's see if we have her approval!

I didn't want to miss the real deadline in case it isn't approved ;)

Not just an extension but also your suggestion for two entries has been taken as well. Great idea, Cal!

Well, I have another ending, it still isn't the one I wanted to tell

But, with your kind permission @brisby I would love to be able to keep working with your opening, and come up with something more loosely inspired by it?

Sweet Cal! Thanks for both the great suggestion for the second submissions and for giving us another piece, Cal!

If you feel inspired to write, I say go for it and have fun. Hug

Yo Gaby! how did the holidays go? 🙃

Yo @f3nix, Master of the @bananafish. Sorry for the slow reply, my head is not in the game at the moment. The holiday was very nice thank you, plenty of relaxing involved... and vanilla ice-cream ;)

Did that vanilla also come with a scoop of lavender? ;)

More like a lanvender scone... Yum :)

Welcome Darth, our FtS champion in charge!

Come on, guys, don't make me blush. I'm just an apprentice.

I tried to take it from a different perspective. This was fun, and work. Thanks for the challenge, @brisby


I love that you had fun and not only gave us a thoughtful story but also made more of your gifs! Thank you.


I love our gifs! Thank you. Life is rich, if you just look away from the unpleasant stuff, right?

The additional week was a godsend! Thanks to the extension, even I managed to write something.

Agreed about the additional time, Gwilberiol! Happy that we were able to have you join in this round with us.

Terrific! Thank you times two, Gaby!!

Vote Your Favorite Story Below!

I vote for @calluna's second story.

OK, squirrel. I got a vivid impression, on first read. Now I go back and see how I can come up with something surprising? Worthy of the beginning? Looking forward to the challenge. Happy to have the extra time.

Thank you for suggesting the extension for the Tribe, Agmoore! With your creativity, my tail is twitching in anticipation for your entry. 😉

Opps. If there is no extension, I'm afraid I'll miss this one.

Per squirrelly decree: the deadline has been extended to Thursday, 9/12/2019 11:00 p.m. EST. Also for this edition only, participants are welcome to submit two stories. The 500 word limitation for this second story will still apply.

Plenty of time left for you, Tristan!


Im sure there is ;-)

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