Finish The Story Contest - Week #66!

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A contest with a pot of 10 STEEM, 10 SBI & 1000 SNAX? You're in the right place!

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Welcome, voyagers of the fantastic crypto-powered never-ending-stream-of-amazingness, to our 66th Edition of the Finish The Story Contest! It's your pal, @Oivas, with the honor of taking the helm for this round. Last month was a bit of a rough one with most of our ardent community members finding themselves in the middle of the storm (eye of the storm, actually). But we are back. Hope you all are ready to cut loose to delve into a fantasy world where psionic talents are the norm, and exotic creatures roam free.

What treasures await within the mysterious depths of Drosselmeyer's trunk?

1st place: n. 5 STEEM & 500 SNAX tokens

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3rd place: n. 2 STEEM & 200 SNAX tokens

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• Respect the dreadful 500 words limit! o_0
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Good luck, brave storytellers!

The Spark

by @oivas

“Don’t state the obvious,” the human Colonel warned the iron sentinel.

“But I don’t remember,” a deep metallic din protested. Though called iron sentinels, these were state-of-the-art humanoids made of titanium-mercury alloy. They could withstand the blast of a thousand RDX and come out without a scratch.

“What was that?” Colonel Arlong had never witnessed a sentinel raise its voice, least of all, protest. A forty-ton humanoid towering fifteen feet over the Colonel in a dim-lit interrogation room was definitely not a foe that the Colonel expected to antagonise.

“Sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to..”

“You didn’t mean to what?” Arlong ensured that he maintained an upper-hand. The sentinels were smart AI and could sense human emotions from miles. If they ever sensed fear, then only the Almighty would have to intervene to save the human bosses from the sentinel’s wrath. After all, these were created to exterminate humans; the enemies of the bosses.

The sentinel's blue lights, substituting for eyes, stayed focused on the colonel. They didn’t blink. They never did. “I was about to fire, but the screams of the younger human brought back some memories.”

“Memories? You have no memories. You have no consciousness. None of the sentinels have. All that you are made up of is a clock, gears and Radium-powered cells.”

“I don’t know. I was unable to open fire. It felt like my son,” the C-10Z01 looked away. That was another unusual expression. Machines don’t look away, and they don’t have children.

“Alright, this has gone too far. We need to investigate your synapse,” the Colonel got up, and so did the sentinel, “ and you will not resist the link.”

“What will happen?”

“That’s none of your look-out C-10Z01,” the Colonel was curt. “Take him out.”

Two more sentinels walked in and grabbed C-10Z01. The machines walked out with loud dins and thuds following their moves.

The colonel lit his cigar, and even before he exhaled, words poured out, “what did we just witness?”

“I don’t know, sir,” Jennifer, the resident sentinel architect, responded.


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Great opening, @oivas!

Here's my first Finish the Story! How much fun this is!

Welcome to the wondrous realms of bananafishian fiction, dear @owasco!

And here is my version)

Thanks to @mgaft1 for translate my story from Russian to English and for the illustration)

Welcome to the contest @phil-glaz!! We hope you're enjoying the Bananafish vibes
giphy (10).gif

Oh yeah, FTS is back! and in what way, @oivas has written a great promt that makes the imagination fly, I really needed this.

Unfortunately, I damaged my computer recently, but I hope to be able to repair it in time to get me writing and get in.

May the dark side be with you in accomplishing the task!

You are then just like sentinel C-10Z01. He or it also damaged his computer or maybe your computer started to have its own consciousness? :)

I don't think so, in any case I think he died because of me, now I'm trying to recover part of his consciousness to transport it to another body.

Ooh, why can't we download their "brains" to our own circuitry.... I would sacrifice a significant level of Free Will, I swear, in exchange for a Command Center filled with knowledge, expertise, and the wisdom of the ages.

Yeah, @mgaft1. @darthgexe you better get your computer up and running or else C-10Z01 is coming home to meet you. :)
Look forward, buddy!

I am glad you brought your cognition, floating for three weeks somewhere in the vastness of the web universe, back to a more grassroots level of writing and offer us a challenge.


Hmm... Then give us your story and lift the prompt sky high... :)

I'll try to do just that. )

I need to hurry, I would not like to meet C-10Z01

That's the spirit @darthgexe!

Another conspiracy!!!
The computer is growing its own consciousness... soon it will start posting on behalf of @darthgexe, and he'll either be downvoted or upvoted to whale...

Soon or already? :)

We will be keeping a close eye on this @darthgexe character

Indeed. Security, security and one more time - security!

Hey, I'm human! Or I'm convinced that I am Stop the conpirationist ideas.

I could already start the pc with windows but I lost my linux partition, and with it I lost some months of work and experimentation.

I do not have an Internet connection at home and generally, I connect from a family member's house using a mini-laptop which does not work the keyboard, but it is on the computer of my house where I write and do everything I can do offline.

Hm ... excuses, excuses. Yeah, that does sound like a human. Then again, AI can learn human behavior. :)

Greetings @bananafish family! I had problems with the internet. Finally, today, and not when I did it a few days ago, I was able to publish my version of the end of the great story started by @oivas. I hope you like it.

Glad you did it @zeleiracordero!! The Bananafish mojo made the magic to your connection 😉

Way to go @oivas, keep the banana swimming!
Also here's a loopy ending for your illuminated judgement!

Master Gwil strikes again!

Awesome, @oivas. Great prompt. Helps me work on this sci-fi angle that gives me trouble. I can't wait to see what I come up with.

It is a wonderful story. I read it last night as I was going to sleep. The story is well organized and highly suggestive. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Hope you are well, @tristancarax.

Hello @agmoore. Yes, all is well at the moment. Nice to see you around. I've got to finish this piece tonight. I've been procrastinating. 8-)

And, I continue to struggle with sci-fi. More practice is needed. 8-)

Also, I feel a little rusty.

Practice is like a fall's water, molding the stone. Nice to have you with us buddy!

@tristancarax, you possibly meant to link this one. 😝😝

Grazie Gwil ^_^

Oh, right. I was all confused until I looked in this feed. haha! Thanks.

Darth sentinel reporting his entry:

click here for data

Darth sentinel out.

Vote your favorite story here!

I can't vote for just one story, I don't know which one is better, I liked the stories of @sarez and @gwilberiol, I think they continue very well the promt line and have written their stories in a very good way.

So half a vote for each of them.

Thanks @sarez, congrats to you too long time friend!

Some Snax for your prize pool:


Woohoo fluffy-crypto boost! You earned my very special dance gif -f3nix
giphy (9).gif

I've never participated in this challenge before. But, I was excited about the story and I am already preparing my humble participation. I hope to publish it soon.
Greetings, @bananafish!

That's great! We're looking forward to reading you :-D

Hello @zeleiracordero,

Happy to have you in the @bananafish realm! Glad you liked the prompt and we are eagerly looking forward to your story.

It's good to see you back, FTS.
Haven't read the story yet, @oivas, but I will. No time to participate (I'm up to my neck in a blog about pigs !!) but I will follow the entries.

Thanks @agmoore! But we won't mind a very very slight chance of your participation either. :)

You're writing about pigs? This is gotta see.

I hope so....lot of information :)

A blog about pigs?
Off to go see if it's posted now!

My compliments to the chef, er, creator - @oivas, this is an awesome intro!
The colonel, the colossal iron-man AI. Classic.
“Memories? You have no memories. You have no consciousness. None of the sentinels have. All that you are made up of is a clock, gears and Radium-powered cells.”


.... the C-10Z01 looked away. That was another unusual expression...

“Alright, this has gone too far. We need to investigate your synapse,” the Colonel got up, and so did the sentinel, “and you will not resist the link.”

(famous last words - I hope!)