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RE: Finish The Story Contest - Week #66!

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Oh yeah, FTS is back! and in what way, @oivas has written a great promt that makes the imagination fly, I really needed this.

Unfortunately, I damaged my computer recently, but I hope to be able to repair it in time to get me writing and get in.


May the dark side be with you in accomplishing the task!

You are then just like sentinel C-10Z01. He or it also damaged his computer or maybe your computer started to have its own consciousness? :)

I don't think so, in any case I think he died because of me, now I'm trying to recover part of his consciousness to transport it to another body.

Ooh, why can't we download their "brains" to our own circuitry.... I would sacrifice a significant level of Free Will, I swear, in exchange for a Command Center filled with knowledge, expertise, and the wisdom of the ages.

Yeah, @mgaft1. @darthgexe you better get your computer up and running or else C-10Z01 is coming home to meet you. :)
Look forward, buddy!

I am glad you brought your cognition, floating for three weeks somewhere in the vastness of the web universe, back to a more grassroots level of writing and offer us a challenge.


Hmm... Then give us your story and lift the prompt sky high... :)

I'll try to do just that. )

I need to hurry, I would not like to meet C-10Z01

That's the spirit @darthgexe!

Another conspiracy!!!
The computer is growing its own consciousness... soon it will start posting on behalf of @darthgexe, and he'll either be downvoted or upvoted to whale...

Soon or already? :)

We will be keeping a close eye on this @darthgexe character

Indeed. Security, security and one more time - security!

Hey, I'm human! Or I'm convinced that I am Stop the conpirationist ideas.

I could already start the pc with windows but I lost my linux partition, and with it I lost some months of work and experimentation.

I do not have an Internet connection at home and generally, I connect from a family member's house using a mini-laptop which does not work the keyboard, but it is on the computer of my house where I write and do everything I can do offline.

Hm ... excuses, excuses. Yeah, that does sound like a human. Then again, AI can learn human behavior. :)