Is this first of Many Hive bizz buzz updates?

in #firstpostlast year (edited)

[apologies for the cross post - this was posted via the Hive interface right after the 10 am split.. and yet posted to steem and still in the hive as a draft]


Probably not a great idea to call it hive, what with

a - the recent past catastrophic collapse of the bee population
2 - the BORG!


I mean honestly, collectives get our freedom-loving hair on the back of our freedom-loving necks all up and tingly.

This is the first, for me, a post using the Hiveblog interface..

Welcome Hive, you glorious beast you!


And if anyone wants to earn crypto while learning.. here's some links..

full disclosure.. I get moolah for referrals..

join coinbase and get a $10US when you spend $100

Earn EOS when you learn about EOS

Earn Stellar Lumens when you learn about Stellar Lumens


This is so weird.. was posted via the HIve interface shortly after the 10 am timeline..

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