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Aloha and Mahalo. I have been absent and now return to my posting. It is grateful for me to be on an island where I can strap on a snorkel to see colors of fish in the ocean nearby. The underwater environment is so calming such that it satisfies someone who loves the water.

At home, I still have an aquarium tank of my own. In fact, I have two, one medium sized and one very smaller. This one is ~ 110 liters or almost 30 US gallons. It is a freshwater tank filled with tropical sand and real plants. Also, it contains tropical driftwood and moss.

Today, I want to introduce you to my favorite pet fish, the corydora catfish. They are small and cute. They are very active. They clean the bottom of the tank, always scavenging for scraps of fallen food to keep the tank clean. Here, you can see several pictures of them in a tank with accompaniment of cardinal tetras. I have many picture of my cory cats and will post more.







Welcome back 😊
I'm looking forward to see more pics of your catfish pet and tetras.