Basement Gym Workout

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It's always nice to have some exercise equipment at home for when you don't feel like going out into the world and travel to the Fitness Center.

Today was a day like that for me. I was at home, feeling good about being there with my cat and didn't particularly care to interact with a human being😎

I'm becoming less and less- 'A people person'... for better or worse.

It was chest day- mostly bench presses. Yet, since I have an adjustable bench, I'm not restricted to flat bench presses; I can also do incline presses, as well as declines if I choose to do so.

Those three exercises alone make for a well rounded chest routine. Sometimes I might skip the flat bench presses and just do inclines and declines. Alternating how you train, keeps things interesting. It can also serve to stimulate a muscle group to become stronger after the recuperation period.

In the above photo, you can see me gripping the EZ Curl bar as I get ready to finish my workout off with some triceps work, which is a common thing to do on chest days, because the triceps are directly engaged with any pressing movements.

The only movements I did for triceps today, were close-grip bench presses and skull-crushers😝

Skull crushers are a type of triceps extension, but you lay on a flat bench holding the bar over your chest (as if you are about to do a bench press) then you bend the arms at the elbows, lowering the weight to your forehead and back up again.

Here's a Photo Borrowed from to Demonstrate the Movement

Some people kick in some shoulder work as well on the days they train chest. I'm not a big fan of combining shoulders and triceps along with chest on the same day. I've always found that system to be more of a hindrance, if one is training for both size and strength.

By the time I finish chest and a second pressing type body-part routine, I feel as if I don't have enough umfftttt left to hit a third muscle group intensely enough. So, I save either shoulders or triceps for another day.

Since the leg extension apparatus was right in front of me, I decided to do a few sets of light leg extensions, just because I felt like it...😎 My pecs and triceps might have been burnt out, but that doesn't mean my energy was completely depleted.

Yeah... I did leg extensions on squat day two days ago. That means the ole quads were pretty well rested by today and a little boost of encouragement to grow, seemed like a fine idea.

Well, that was about it for todays basement gym workout. I did some sit-ups as well with my knees bent over the end of the bench and feet tucked against the leg-extension pads.

It was a good day... and... a good workout. If I keep training like this, I might go on to live for another 71 years...??? Of course I'll need to eat right too, or at least half-way right...😏

Here's hoping you had a good day too, my friends and enjoy a long, healthy life.


Shared by @AngryMan on Feb. 24, 2021

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