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RE: @polebird: I'm back Dtube! Pole combo time!

in #fitness3 years ago

Hey hey! My #SteemitBestie is back! I'm so excited, it's so good to see you Jess! I was thinking about you last week, we were traveling and I met some Steemians and it just reinforced that I'll have to someday make my way over to your side of the country for hangs!

So happy to see you back on the pole! Welcome back! This is so super fantastic!


Hi Adam!! Thank you!!! Aw that sounds super fun which area did you meet up in?? And yes definitely would be fun if we got to hang in person :) thank you! It’s nice getting back to the spin of things pole -wise 😁 hope things have been going well for you!! What’s new?

Hello hello! Well... we just got back from Canada, and I got to meet the other Steem Sisters.... which was amazing.

I haven't been posting much myself... work got absolutely nuts there for a bit... I was working super long days and all through the night... and I've got an annoying overuse injury which is keeping me from training properly... but otherwise I'm pretty rad and excited about a few new Steem projects.

Oh Canada! 😁sounds like fun :) sorry about your overuse injury.. is it still the tendinitis glaring up? Any comps coming up soon?

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