TRAIN WITH ME:This Week`s First Workout with the finger injury!Life goes on:)

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Hi Guys!

    Before clicking the picture above to see the workout video,please take some of your time a read this post!

  If you wonder why I post all this videos,today you will find out why.

  My main motivation is that I want to help people who would like to go and train but don`t have the knowledge to create their own workouts and they don`t have the possibility to hire a personal trainer,and maybe to inspire,even if it`s only a tiny bit.

  I was also a beginner and I know how that feels.In my small town,where I grew up,we didn`t have a gym not to say,a personal trainer was out of the question so I had to do it alone.

  When I was 19 years old I discovered that I have some hormonal problems for which I took hormons.After 2 months I was horrified to see that I`ve gained 15 kg,and I wasn`t even near the end of my treatment.That day,when I became fully aware of the severity of the problem,I decided that I had to radically change my way of life and until today I did not stop.Like I said,I was alone,my only support being my mom who tried to help me with everything she could.

   First,I started by arranging a small training room in my house,because I was determined to start working out no matter what, and secondly I documented myself as much as I could about healthy eating.I wanted a healthy life not a quick fix so I wasn`t going to starve myself or try miracle diets,I never belived in someone telling you what to eat and when.Our body is an amazing machine and if you "listen" and pay attention to it`s signals you will know what you need.

  Then I started looking online for training programs,and I came across some workout videos of Cathe Friedrich,this women saved my life and I highly recommend to check her out.11 years have passed and she is,for me at least,a true inspiration and a real professional,I always love to watch her and steal new moves:)

  I have to admit that,even though it was hard lerning all this new information about fitness and nutrition,I loved every second of it.I loved the time spend with myself working out,I loved the way my body started to feel and look and most important,I loved how I was changing mentally and growing up as a person.

  I always say to my clients,that I wish I could give them a piece of this passion that I have,and not to workout or eat better but to love themselves enough to fight this battle.

  So,now that you know all that I hope you enjoy this new workout video.

  Like I showed you in my last post,I cut my finger really bad last week,but after a long,busy weekend I was determined to wake up early today and give my best to have at least a decent workout which I did.Everything was ok except a few stings when I pushed to hard.After today I`m positive I will manage my workouts this week.I will see the doctor on Thursday and hope I will make a full recovery until then.



  • Cable Pullovers 15 reps
  • Step Alternate Jump Lunge 30 reps
  • Step Squat Jumps 15 reps
  • Lying Cable Upright Row 15 reps
  • Superman with Band Lat pulls 15 reps


  • Cable Back High Row 15 reps
  • Step Transfers 30 sec
  • Standing Alternating Dumbell Shoulder Press 20 reps
  • Leg Raises 15 reps
  • Ab V-up Hold 30 sec

I also did 30 min of cardio.

Thank you  from the bottom of my heart!:)

P.S: I cut my hair:)

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Glad you were able to turn your life around with the help of exercise. Thanks for another great video. We most train at home these days so videos as these eare really helpful.

Thank you for making time to read my post!😘

Giant sets are a constant staple of my training, great way to get extra volume, and conditioning at the same time. I also have the sames goals as you, I think when a lot of people get started in fitness, there is a ton of information on training, nutrition, and how to structure, that it can get pretty overwhelming. Excited to see what comes from you!

Thank you for reading and I hope you will give some of this workouts a try!😊

I love the superman with band lat pulls, you genius!!

I don’t think I am the genius but THANKS!😂😘Can’t wait to see your next workout 😊Maybe I steal some moves

I like their lunges or stride with STEP