TRAIN WITH ME:Full Upper and Lower Body Workout IN THE GYM!

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    It`s Friday and everybody is getting ready for the weekend,but let`s not forget to end this week strong!!

   I woke up this morning with no clue about what am I going to do at the gym.During my coffee happy hour,at 6 in the morning :) I realized that all my muscle are fine,no soreness,no tightness,no nothing so the only logical conclusion was to kill each muscle group again:) and,of course,I want to share this training with you.

   For each upper body muscle group there will be a lower body execise,and since yesterday I got my stitches from my finger out I was finally able to do whatever exercises I wanted and lift some bigger weights.




  • Kneeling Rope Lat Pulldown 15 reps
  • Dumbell Narrow Squats 15 reps


  • Bench Barbell Chest Press 15 reps
  • Jumping Squats 20 reps


  • Standing Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press 12 reps
  • Barbell Hip Thrusts 15 reps


  • Cable Triceps Pushdown 15 reps
  • Standing EZ bar Curls 15 reps
  • Jumping Lunges 20 reps

   I hope you have a great weekend and if you try this workout please let me know how you liked it!


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Intense training! full body is the way to go! Good to hear you got you stitches out :)

Thanks for stepping by:)I still have some recovery to do but at least now I can lift some weights:))

Wow - very good ! Keep on doing !!

Best wishes from germany !



gym with a healthy routine also get a beautiful body