TRAIN WITH ME:Total Body Workout Routine to BURN CALORIES!

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      Who`s as obsessed as me with fitness and being active,raise your hand:)

   When I first started posting on SteemIt I had already seen a bunch of videos that taught you how to be successful on this platform,and one of those tips was to have quality content that you probably worked for hours and documented for days before posting.Do not get me wrong,I like a great challenge and I am a self-taught person,since I can remember I enjoyed reading and learning new things.But the high standard required for these SteemIt posts,I have to admit,scared me.

  I am a very introverted person,even though,people that know me do not think that.I like to keep a low profile and most days I enjoy being alone,but I know I can not be this way and have a full and productive life,so I do my best to get out of my shell.

  Now,back at SteemIt content...I had a few days when I tried to be someone else,I tried to be what I thought others would like me to be,but I realized that this did not bring me any satisfaction so I decided to just be ME,a simple person trying to do what she likes without thinking about what others think.The thing I`m good at is fitness and a healthy and active life,so consider me your personal trainer and if there is something I can help you with I will do it with plesure.

   The other thing that prevents me from being very active on SteemIt and creat that amazing content that I mentioned,and post every day(another tip from those videos) is that I have two jobs that take most of my time.I am a personal trainer from Monday to Friday and a full time manager,7 days a week,at the company I have with my fiance.These two jobs are on the first place after which with my remaining time I try to do other things that I like,one of them being SteemIt.

   Do I think I can be better with SteemIt....OF COURSE

   Will I do my best to get better.....DEFINITELY

   Will I satisfy everyone.....NOT A CHANCE 

   Will I let this affect me.....NO WAY 

   Do not think I came empty handed:) I leave you this workout/DTube video to inspire you next time you want to train. 


TRISET 1 (3 sets) 45 sec break between sets

  • Dumbell Rows into Rear Delt High Row Combo 12 reps/each
  • Trx Squat Jumps 30 reps
  • Dumbell Burpee into Reverse Lunge Combo 10 reps

TRISET 2 (3 sets) 45 sec break between sets

  • Cable Squat with Twist 10 reps/each side
  • Dumbell Biceps Curls/Dumbell Shoulder Lateral Rotation Combo 12 reps/each
  • Trx Pike Lift 15 reps

TRISET 3 (3 sets) 45 sec break between sets

  • Trx Squat into Triceps Extension 15 reps
  • Leaning Dumbell Lateral Raise 12 reps/arm
  • Squat Hold into Dumbell Double Biceps Curls 10 reps

AB FINISHER (4 sets) 30 sec break between sets

  • Weighted Cable Crunch 15 reps

   I recommend you watch the DTube video by clicking the picture above because many exercises are combined and their names may seem strange.:)

   Have a nice weekend!



▶️ DTube

Always intense workouts! No days off xD Keep pushing :)

I love its energy fitness, I would love to hearing his voice of speech in one of his videos fit

Do you mean my voice?