Gym Full Body Workout to help you Step up your Game @fitbody

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     Oh My God!!I can not believe it`s been so long since my last SteemIt post but I had a hell of a busy time.

   That made me realize why many people quit the gym believing that they can not manage their professional lives and taking care of themselves at the same time and in an attempt to try to help you I will make a vlog with some tips to succeed in this matter.

   Yes,I did train this week but I had to do some changes to fit the workouts into my crazy day and I did not shoot anything because I wanted to get it done fast,but I have some videos from last week that I want to share with you so you can try them.

 I hope they will help you in your fitness journey and body transformation.


TRISET 1  3 sets

  • Dumbell Biceps Curls into Shoulder Press 15 reps
  • Bicycle Ab 50 reps ( 25 each side)
  • Plank Knee In 50 reps ( 25 each side)

TRISET 2  3 sets

  • Incline Bench Lateral Raise 15 reps
  • Kettelbell Squat to Upright Row 20 reps total
  • Kettlebell Russian Twist 40 sec

TRISET 3  3 sets

  • Cable Squat to Biceps Curl 15 reps
  • Rope Overhead Triceps Extension 15 reps
  • Double Crunch with 3 Taps 25 reps

SUPERSET  3 sets

  • Superman Band Lat Pulls 15 reps
  • Standing Cable Woodchop 12 reps each side

  I wish everyone a great weekend and thanks for stopping by page!


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Your form is pure perfection :) @dtubefitness

Thanks:)I really appreciate it

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Already on board:)

Awesome! Add me on discord @ozzie#8518 and I’ll send you and invite to the dtube fitness discord.

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