TRAIN WITH ME:Back,Biceps and Abs!

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     This week I decided I`m going to do body part split workouts so today`s DTube video is all about Back,Biceps and Abs!

    I`m all about full body training as well as body split,I think you should try them both and do what you like.There are days when my energy levels are high so doing full body is easier and much more fun for me to do,and there are those days when I don`t feel as good,and those are the days I like to focus more on my mind-muscle connection.

    For today`s video I also took up a challenge and talked on camera,nothing interesting of course(bear with me as I fight this fear and ignore my tired,silly face:)))but maybe this first attempt will give me courage to make more videos in which I can address more health and fitness topics and actually talk about them,not only showing you what to do.Speaking on camera and in public has always been a great fear of mine so maybe it`s time to change it.

   You can leave me whatever feedback you want,I won`t mind,I will take this as a lerning experience!

 I know for a fact that there are still girls out there that will not do this kind of workout but,if I may advise you,give it a try and get out of "only legs and ab workout" mindset!

    And of course guys will love it,I entered their field with this kind of workout!:)


SUPERSET 1 (3 sets)

  • Machine Lat pulldown 15 reps
  • Cable Wide Grip Curls 15 reps

TRISET (3 sets)

  • Machine One Arm Narrow Rows 12 reps/arm
  • Cable Back High Pulls 15 reps
  • Hammer Curls using Hammer Curl Bar 15 reps

SUPERSET 2 (3 sets)

  • T-Bar Rows 15 reps
  • Dumbell Curls into Hammer Curls combo 10 reps/each

Rope Pullovers 4 sets / 15 reps

AB TRISET (4 sets)

  • Roman Chair Leg Lifts 15 reps
  • Stability Ball Transfer Crunch 16 reps
  • Stability Ball Plank 30 sec hold

   P.S:After this workout you will need to replenish your muscles so in my next post I will give you an amazing  Protein Mini Cakes recipes that you`ll love!



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See your routine and do motivates me in my fitness, All the 2018 I will get stronger with their routines, thanks for sharing

By the way I want to invite you in my group of discord that I am forming, would be an honor to have and learn more about their healthy habits I leave the link here:

Thanks for your beautiful words!I will check it out definitely 😊

Niceee, good effort filming yourself :)

Thanks!I do my best,I’m a beginner at this but I hope I will only get better😊