TRAIN WITH ME: CHEST AND TRICEPS Workout/ FST-7 Technique Explained!!

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          Hello my Steemit friends!

     I am so late in posting this workout,but things are how they are and you know that saying "Better late than never".

     I had a bad cold last week and I wasn`t so  active,but I still made the effort to train as usual and overall it was a good week regarding my workouts.I know there are people that prefer not to train when they are sick,but not me.I woke up one morning,Wednesday I belive,and I thought I would not be able to go to the gym,and as I was preparing to send a message to my client with whom I train every morning,it struck me that i will be sorry if I don`t go and I put my phone down,slept for another hour and let me say,I wasn`t sorry that I went that morning:)

  Like the title says I will explain to you the FST-7 technique developed by Hany Rambod which I find amazing and it really can be hard even for the more experinced ones.Of course that are many ways in which you can use this tehnique in your program but today I will explain the basics.

         FST-7 Technique

     FST-7 comes from Fascial Stretch Training,and targets the fascial layer directly beneath the skin and above the muscles and it`s performed with seven sets,that is what 7 stands for.What it does is to strech the fascial layer to allow greater muscle growth.

  Even if there are more advanced versions of this technique,I recomand you start with the basic and that is you perform FST-7 for one exercise,seven sets with a minimal amount of rest in between the sets (30 to 45 seconds).That doesn`t mean you go light and all you do is getting fatigue ,you want to get pretty close to failure at the 8/12 rep mark,FST-7 is not all about the pump,you want to work on your strenght too.


   You should use this technique for the final exercise for a muscle group.Doing it first will get you fatigued and will take away from your performance on the heavy straight sets.Finishing off a bodypart with a great pump is the way you want to do it!


   Of course you can use this technique with every exercise,but certain exercises are more appropriate than others.For example doing compund movements like squats is probably not the best choice as you get tired and it`s hard to keep proper technique for so many sets performed in such a short time,but you can definitly get the most out from exercises that isolate the muscles,like let`s say leg extension (for legs) rather than squats.

  You will never go wrong with machines because they keep you in a fixed plane of movement!


  • Incline Smith Machine Chest Press 3 sets/10 reps

SUPERSET 1  3 stes

  • Unilateral Dumbell Chest Press/Dumbell Chest Press Combo 8 reps
  • Incline Push-ups on bench 10 reps

SUPERSET 2  3 sets

  • Low Cable Chest Fly 12 reps
  • Rope Triceps Extensions 15 reps

FST - 7 Declined Skull Crushers 10 reps/7 sets ( I took 30/35 seconds break)


  • Declined Bench Crunch 15 reps
  • Declined Bench Russian Twist 30 sec

   Thanks everyone for reading this post!


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"ua ua ua uaaa, when im with you all I get is wild thoughts" ahah good choice of song and well done with the video :)

😂actually this song was playing at the gym while I was training and it just stuck with me!:)

yea ahah it is good :)