TRAIN WITH ME:Total Body Workout Routine/Get Your Summer Body Ready

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Hi Guys!

     Long time no see but it has been a crazy week for me,apart of beeing super busy I managed to cut one of my fingers really bad.So bad I had to go to the hospital because the bleeding wouldn`t stop,they told me that I cut an artery which had to be cauterized and I had a hematoma that had to be disinfected and taken care of.The wound needed 4 stitches and now I have to take antibiotics and make an antitetanic vaccine.

   I won`t post any pictures of the actual wound cause is too graphic!

   Unfortunatly this will keep me on the bench for a week, until the wound it`s fully closed,so no weight training for me,I will just do cardio and some light exercises that don`t require using my hand for lifting weights because it hurts when trying to move the finger.

But that doesn`t mean I don`t have some workouts prepared for you:)

Today`s workout is a full body routine,that will hit all your muscles and will get you into a fat burning mode.Don`t forget to watch the DTube video to see me perform each exercise so you can have a visual of what you have to do.



  • Seated Cable Row 15 reps
  • Barbell Deadlifts 15 reps
  • Burpees over the bar 10 reps


  • Barbell Chest Press 15 reps
  • Scissors Abs on Bench with barbell 30 reps
  • Lateral Jumps on Bench 20 reps


  • Overhead Cable Triceps Extensions 15 reps
  • Alternating Reverse Lunge/Dumbell Curls Combo 20 reps(10 reps each leg)
  • Plank Knee To Opposite Elbow 30 reps (15 reps each side)


  • Kettlebell Sumo Squat 15 reps
  • Step Push-ups into Squat Jumps on Steps Combo 10 reps

I hope you will try this workout and get that summer body ready!

Thank you :)

▶️ DTube

Oh dear, please take care of yourself. what happened? How did you get yourself hurt?

I wish I could start exercise like you but right now I have no motivation and have become so lazy.I know it is bad but it is the truth.

I caught my finder in a bleder,it’s stupid,I know but accidents happen 😁it is a nasty wound but I will be ok!Regarding your lack of motivation you have to know that it happens to all of us,you just have to fight through and find what works for you!I hope you will get your groove back soon 😘

Oh, yes accidents happen and sometimes these accidents and unexpected things are the best in the world.
Thank you so much. You can not do anything good if you are not having motivation for that. But yeah you have motivated me so who knows one day I also hit the gym because of you.(Get inspiration from everything.)

take care yourself please, very nice blog :) i follow and voted up. really love it
i post my first video on Dtube maybe you will like it. tips are welcome haha . keep inspire people

Upvoted you :) It was a must. Great content, I'm always happy to see fellow fitnesseurs sharing positive messages!

Thanks!I clicked follow because I would like to see what you post,I’m sure I can learn new stuff 😊

Glad for you that you're finally getting a move on with getting ready for summer! I am also starting to cut my calories, and amp up conditioning as I get ready as well. I find that too many people wait too long before they start cutting. Sorry about the finger, hope it heals soon!

I hope the finger heals soon too!I was yesterday with my clients,showing them what to do and I think if I am careful I can have a decent workout with weights 😂I will post the workout if I do it:))Cause like you said,I don’t want to wait to long to get that summer body:)

Good set of exercises! The lateral jumps are a good pump!
Keep up the work! :)

Check out my new weightlifting video:

Thanks!Pushed the follow button and watched your video!Great job on those deep squats!👍

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Hope your finger is better now! Just a little heads up on your cable row form: your body should be still or you could get a lower back injury. Check out the video here: Avoid swinging your torso back and forth as you can cause lower back injury by doing so.

Check out the guide here:

I’m doing cable rows like this for years now and my lower back is fine!As you can see my back is straight and I only lean forward for an extra stretch of the back,also my abs are engaged in the movement!But thank you for the tip:)

Yeah, at a closer look you do keep a great form of the back. So I guess if you're alright with the lower back.. proceed. :))

If Ronnie Coleman does it maybe is not that bad:)