6 week workout program.. leg routine

in #fitness4 years ago

Today I started of with everyones favorite leg muscle... The calf muscles. I didn't plan on doing them first but I know if I did not start off with them I wouldn't have done them.


Each set exercise that I did were for 3 sets an between 10-12 reps with 30 to 60 sec in between each set.

1st set - calf press on leg press machine (90lbs)
2nd set- leg press (270lbs)
** Stretched **
3rd set - leg extensions "single leg" (55lbs)
4th set- leg curls " single leg" (45lbs)
5th set-Cable pull thru (50lbs) instead of deadlifts
6th set- squats on smith machine (225lb)

** stretched for 5 minutes**

Post workout I had some BCAA and a protein shake.

Thanks for stopping by.

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