6 week workout program.. Upper body

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Todays workout was all about the "show muscles" the upper body...


Each exercise I did were 3 set of 10-12 reps with 30 rest in between.

**WARM UP **
5 minutes on the elliptical to get my whole body moving and warmed up.

1st set- cable machine bicep curls (50lbs) for the 1st two set and on the 3rd set I started with 50lbs an rep pedal it out an dropped a plate every time i couldn't get one more rep..all the way down to 5lbs

2nd set- cable machine tricep extension single arm (17.5lbs)


3 different variations of cable flyes

3rd set- high cable flys, standard cable flyes and low cable flyes (17.5lbs)

4th set- dumbbell bench press (50lbs)

5th set- dumbbell military press (25lbs)

6th set- reverse flyes(10lbs)

**stretched **

Post workout

10oz of water
12g of collagen hydrolysate
8g of BCAA

10oz of almond milk
13g of protein powder
12g of PBfit

Thanks for stopping by.. I hope your joining me on this 6 week journey.. Stay healthy and enjoy.


This is really cool. I might just give it a try! Once you guys Get your body looking great you can look on my page and learn to invest in the stock market!!!! #upvoteforupvote

Nice training my friend! I'm so happy that there is someone into fitness too :D

Thanks bro.. It's seem like there's hardly anyone that post workouts.

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