fitness goals for beginners

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Hello everyone..

Don't be fouled because of the title saying " fitness goals for beginners". Just because someone says "beginner" does not mean it will be"easy". When you or your client begin to workout the beginner style or protocol type workout is the best. the beginner workout has three primary goals.

The first goal is to improve the components of fitness. This is to help you or your client to strengthen "your/their" base level of fitness, wether its an young child who want to play soccer, even an elderly person that is going thru rehabilitation or even a "seasoned" athlete . It is VERY important to have strong base when beginning to workout it helps with performance and helps keep you healthy.

The second goal in the beginner workout is to get yourself or client ready for more intensive workout to come. The beginner work is not met for the person doing it to stay on it forever . The goal is to get off the beginner workout and in to the intermediate stage.

The third goal of the beginner stage is to teach or learn the proper form and technique when exercising. Fully grasping the the structor and concept of the beginner work will help you stay safe and health for longer.

I will be posting a Beginners workout in the next day or two.. Thanks for stopping by.Stay safe and healthy

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