Starting a new 6 week program

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If your reading this I hope you are in good health and thanks for stopping by.. Today is day 1 of my 6 week workout program that I am putting myself and my wife through.

  While one was doing one exercise the other one was doing a different exercise. And that was how we got our rest between each exercise to maximize the time.

  I decided to split the program into upper body an lower body days. Since today is international Chest day I figured I would start off with legs since the majority of the leg machines were empty.

  Before each workout session start off with some light cardio on the treadmill elliptical or bike to warm up, with that being said here's today's workout..


  ** Side note** When preforming the "Cable Pull Throw"  keep your back straight and knees slightly bent and your arms loose and close to your body and when stand up squeeze your glutes. 

   Here's a picture of the cable pull throw to assist with how it looks. 

** I don't own this picture **

The key is to pick a weight that you are able to do or 12 REPS your first set but that is hard to get to 10 your last set. 

After the workout is complete do 20 minutes on treadmill to burn the fat that was broken down while lifting..

  By the end of the workout you should be fatigue. The workout should not take more than an hour between the cardio and the weight lifting.  

  Stay safe and thanks for stopping by and checking out my post.

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