(Infographic) BENEFITS OF TRAINING WITH KETTLEBELLS + 15 Min Home Workout!

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Kettlebell training can be an absolute game-changer to your workout routine, combining the five main components of fitness: endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, and balance.   

The kettlebell itself is a cast-iron or steel ball of varying weights, with a handle on top. It is different from other types of weights due to its unstable force during handling – the key to the effectiveness of the exercises.


Below are 10 of the top reasons to incorporate kettlebell training into your fitness regime:

  1. Uses compound exercises which have been proven to be the most effective in improving functional strength and body composition (comparative to exercises focusing on isolated muscle groups). 
  2. Combines cardio and strength training for maximum muscle mass + fat burn. 
  3. Burns more calories than steady cardio (treadmill / elliptical) or isolated strength training alone. 
  4. Works at high intensity for short periods of time (most workouts are under 30 min) so great for those in a time crunch.    
  5. Can be done from home – no need for a gym membership!    
  6. Strengthens tendons and ligaments around joints to help prevent injury.    
  7. Off-centered weight targets stabilizer muscles.    
  8. Works abs as it is requires you to engage your core in almost every lift. 
  9. Increases coordination and balance.    
  10. Used as a rehabilitation technique for back & shoulder pain as kettlebell workouts combine the three main components of rehabilitation: flexibility, stability, and strength.    

Below is one of the best full-body kettlebell workout I could find, as well as a full list of alternative kettlebell exercises:

(source: Women'sHealth)

(source: gb Personal Training)

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