Stop Hurting Yourself!!

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So I was at the gym today and I looked over to see another gym goer working out, and his workout pained me!


This is a picture of the workout he was doing.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in the medical field, I am not a trainer and this is just my advice from things I have read and my own personal experience.

Ok, now that we have that our of the way, this exercise is a variation of a Lat Pulldown. Lat pulldows are great back exercises and are probably one of the most used back exercises in the fitness industry, but this is the completely wrong way to do them and we are going to talk about why.

Notice in the picture that while being fairly level with this guys back, both of his elbows are behind his back. This is not a good thing for the long term health of his shoulders, and in fact I watched him rubbing his shoulders after he finished this set like he was in pain. Now from my research the reason this angle of the shoulders is bad is, because the rotator cuff is a very fragile joint. When you move your arms in a backwards angle like he is it pinches the nerves in your shoulders. This not only can cause pain right away, but it can lead to long term shoulder issues.


Alright, issue number 2. The line in the picture above is the line that his neck/spine is at. While working out you always want to try and keep your spine in a neutral and straight position. Any strain on your neck or spine can cause long term back problems or can cause serious back injuries. I had a friend recently that tweeked his neck working out and I has cause a lot of pain and thousands of dollars in medical bills. Having a healthy spine is one of the most important things in fitness. If you don't take care of your spine, you will constantly be in pain and will a hard time doing anything physical at all.

While Lat Pulldown's are great, please save yourself and don't do them like he is with the bar behind your head.

Below is a picture of the way you should do Lat Pulldown's.
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.47.08 PM.png

Notice how his elbows are in front of his body, his head and neck is in a neutral position, and his chest is up and out.

Keep your shoulders and back healthy!


Helpful post buddy, I have found that once I bought gym equipment for my house and I was able to watch youtube videos and research movements while I was at home, my form and exercises began to get much better and I noticed a dramatic change in my body.

People don't research how to do exercises properly and they put themselves in harms way (I've been there), just takes some time to experiment and get used to the workouts. I also find that going to the gym at off peak times to get familiar with the equipment and exercises helps dramatically because you don't have people waiting on you.

I think most people just think they know what they are doing and go without realizing that they are going to hurt themselves. When I'm not at the gym, at work, or doing researching cryptos I'm watching fitness videos or reading articles. Its helped so much, I've seen a huge change since I actually started learning about lifting.

Dude is going to hurt himself haha

I know, I wanted to say something, and if I knew him I would have. But I still look like I have no clue what I'm doing in the gym. I've lost 55lbs, but most people there look at me and probably think I have no clue what I'm doing because I still have about 30-40 lbs to lose, but I've done my research!

So many ways of doing things, always have to do your research. It also depends on what you are trying to do to your body

You made some good points, I am a trainer and agree 100% about the issue with the rotator cuff and the problems he's setting himself up for with his neck.

I cringe when I see people doing stuff like that.

Another pet hate is when people give the advice to keep the shoulders back like that when soemone's doing a military press, either with a bar or dumbbells ect. It's the same thing, it puts the shoulders in a very precarious unnatural position and wreaks havoc on the rotator cuffs.

I saw someone giving that advice the other day to two girls. I literally stared at him and wanted to say something, but I just couldn't. There are so many people at the gym that give such bad advice to their friends, because someone told them something wrong and they didn't do research to learn they were told something wrong.

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