@polebird: I'm back Dtube! Pole combo time!

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Hi my Steemit friends,
I've been a little absent the last month due to a lot of traveling (and work in between)! I went to Santorini, Iceland, and Seattle - so I definitely have a lot of blogging to catch up on. But in the meantime, it's nice to be back home for a bit, and I've been getting back to my pole classes- YAY!!. Here's a combo from yesterday night - I love the dynamic pops on spinner! There's one portion that is almost like a "bend and snap" LOL, can you see it? Thanks for watching friends! More to come....


▶️ DTube

Welcome back. Hope the travels were awesome

Thank you Jason! Yes sir!! It was quite the time :) I’ll be trying to make some posts and catch up with everyone!

Welcome back, looking good!

Thank you my friend!

That's a large travel area, quite the globe trotters. Which was your favorite location from this set of travels?

The combos are killer, as usual. Love the "bend and snap" comparison...makes me want a hot dog real bad! ;*

Hi!! My favorite was definitely Santorini - the weather and scenery is gorgeous! Great food and nice ppl.. would love to go back and explore more islands for sure :) hehe and thank you!!

Hey hey! My #SteemitBestie is back! I'm so excited, it's so good to see you Jess! I was thinking about you last week, we were traveling and I met some Steemians and it just reinforced that I'll have to someday make my way over to your side of the country for hangs!

So happy to see you back on the pole! Welcome back! This is so super fantastic!

Hi Adam!! Thank you!!! Aw that sounds super fun which area did you meet up in?? And yes definitely would be fun if we got to hang in person :) thank you! It’s nice getting back to the spin of things pole -wise 😁 hope things have been going well for you!! What’s new?

Hello hello! Well... we just got back from Canada, and I got to meet the other Steem Sisters.... which was amazing.

I haven't been posting much myself... work got absolutely nuts there for a bit... I was working super long days and all through the night... and I've got an annoying overuse injury which is keeping me from training properly... but otherwise I'm pretty rad and excited about a few new Steem projects.

Oh Canada! 😁sounds like fun :) sorry about your overuse injury.. is it still the tendinitis glaring up? Any comps coming up soon?

Wow. I love this. It's good to have you back. You seem to have added more speed to the spins in the video .

Nice One.

Thank you!! I was feeling good with this one haha so I spun a bit faster, thanks for the warm welcome back my friend!

Looks good! Hope you weren't too sore after the break

Thank you @nikv! Haha I did lose some strength and my hand calluses went away slightly so after 30 minutes on the first day back they were already feeling it! Haha but it’s getting back there

@polebird, Welcome back and hope that you had an great travel time, and yes, we've missed your Pole Art and now once again you are back. And most importantly you will going to feel lot of changes in Steem Economy because it literally changed.

Unfortunately failed to watch the video but i am sure that like every time it's awesome. And yes sometimes when we spend our time on one platform then it's difficult to take a break but, for sure you've travelled and in my opinion you've came back with more enthusiasm.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you my friend!! Hehe yes it was nice to have a little break while I was away :) but time to recollect myself and blog on! Yeah I’ve heard about a few changes in steemit since I was away

Welcome and have a great time ahead. 🙂

woohoo! Welcome back!!

Ps... I live in the Seattle area. Would have been cool to meetup! Maybe next time. :)

Thank you!!! Aww I didn’t realize, but will make note of this for a future visit because that would
be a lot of fun! You have a beautiful city :) loved all the fall colors and good food ❤️

Could you imagine if you had driven up and I had driven down and we all met together on the say day? I think my heart would have literally exploded with joy.

Incredible! Looks super complicated. I'd be a bit worried abiut my leg hair getting twisted and pulled though.

Mr Burgundy, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but there is literally nothing you can't do.

😁gotta give it a try and see, and thank you so much!

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