@polebird: ❤️ I'm back to rope! Playtime in open aerial ❤️

in #fitness3 years ago (edited)

It feels good to be back to rope class! I finally made it to my first session of open aerial. For those of you unfamiliar with "open" classes, this just means that students can come to the studio and work on whatever their heart desires. I usually love attending open pole class because you can do all the things, and so I was super excited to be able to go to open aerial class. I do have a home pole, but I don't have any aerial equipment at home. At this time, I've done a couple months of rope class (about once a week) and so it was cool to have a chance to go and try to remember/put some tricks together. Hope you enjoy watching my video!


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Wow, that looks hard!

heheh it wasn't too bad to transition from pole, i think i had a slight advantage :P

Good to have you back on Steemit ... Whether on pole or On rope:)

thank you xabi! hahah maybe some aerial silks coming soon too :P

you nearly went for too long.I hope you are back for good to share some more experiences with us @polebird

hehe thank you my friend!

@polebird, Back to Rope Fun and in my opinion, an new enthusiasm is reflecting and that's an great essence for sure.

And for sure you practiced awesome artistic moves and i hope that you've really enjoyed this session.

And great to know about the Open Classes, and yes, that's the true essence means, no matter which art we want to perform we should listen to our heart and these kind of classes are great to hear.

And in my opinion open classes are more amazing thing because we can learn from others too and others can learn from us.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

oh yess!! you are exactly right about open, we share with each other :) oh man, its so much fun! always cool to see what other people are working on or come up with

That's absolutely right and great to hear that you've enjoyed this session. Stay blessed. 🙂

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