@polebird: 💪 I finally did it! IRON X aka human flag (watch in dtube video) 💪

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You may remember that back in the beginning of the year, I was on a determined journey to find my iron X. I kind of postponed all the iron X attempts while I was in competition training mode. Well, I'm not quite sure what happened, but I guess competition training does a body good! I attempted an iron X after a 3 or 4 more months of not trying to iron X, and was shocked that I was actually holding myself horizontal. This must have been a magical day because I ALSO got my deadlift handspring (which means no momentum or kicking up) which is an added bonus! They are both tricks that I had been trying to get for quite a while! Thanks for watching these happy moments for me! Now, hopefully these are moments that can be replicated. :P



▶️ DTube

You are getting so good!

Congratulations! Awesome and hard move! I've tried pole dancing few times and you get all my respect for doing the moves you did.

aww thank you so much!! i love hearing when others have tried it before :)

Just to clear things, I've never tried human flag on a pole. :D The pole alone has been quite a challenge for me every time I've tried few moves with it. I don't think my awkward positions could be called pole dancing. So you really have my respect.

Seems like a lucky day for you...
All the hard work finally paid...
I am glad for you... Welldone Jess:)

thank you xabi!! so surprised :D haha in a good way!!

Niiice Iron X @polebird .Love watching pole.My girlfriend @illusivelf practices pole dance for some years now and I find it a very difficult and awesome sport to do(hate normal sports like footbal etc.).Keep up the good work girl.

Thank you so much!! Oh yeah she looks like she’s pretty awesome! :) glad to hear you are a fan of pole! 🤗

Awesome! Congratulations!

Thanks my friend!!! 😁

You did it again. Sometimes l wish l could just stay always on the posts of you @polebird. This is a true definition of beauty and excellence. Happy weekend dear.

Thank you my friend :) you are always so supportive!

Congratulations on both moves, both require insane strength! The exclamation was adorable! ;*

I am finally getting to a point where I can plan on taking some pole classes again but to prepare I have purchased a yoga trapeze. I was curious with your and your sister's aerial experience if either of you had tried them out? It is scheduled to arrive in a week and I am not being very patient. I can't wait to play and get stronger while doing so. Thanks for the continued source of inspiration!

Thank you!! Hahha yeah I was kind of shocked! That’s really cool I’ve never tried yoga trapeze, I would love to hear your feedback! Is it just a static trapeze or is there something specific for yoga about it? I bet you can do all sorts of tricks on it?


Basically a hammock with some TR-X straps lol

I had been craving inversion to address years of spinal compression, but don't have much ability in hand stand dept and I didn't want a bulky machine that only held me upside down. Whether the Instagram heard me discussing said racks ad nauseum to my guy or from all the yoga and pole overlap in my history, but I had an ad for the yoga trapeze and saw a multipurpose solution. I took it out for a spin at a local park and had a great time exploring and doing my best bat impression ;*

Congratulations, my friend. What an amazing accomplishment and I can see you accomplish so much more in the future, since you are just amazing and keep on working harder and harder and you can definitely see the results.

Thank you!!! It feels good to finAlly be surprised with the ability :)

@polebird, I want to say that these are the one of the best artistic moves i saw in your art, and for sure, the toughest move is balancing our body at one side parallel to ground is really tough one and that needs continuous practice and hard work.

And in my opinion that Rotational Pattern also went so smooth and with precision, so keep up and enjoy your art.

And it's reflects as you always work in team means, we can hear the cheering up voices so it's truly great because whenever we support each other while practice then that becomes an Encouragement aspect.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you!! It’s rotating smoothly because I was on spinner pole :) I hope you have a great day!

Welcome and thank you so much, and great to know about the Spinner Pole. Stay blessed. 🙂

Amazing!!!! Congratulations!! That's so exciting! Definitely on my list of pole-goals. Thanks for the inspiration! :D

Thank you so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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