@polebird: ❤️ DTUBE SNEAK PEEK at my competition routine for the Southwest Pole Sport Organization championships! ❤️

in #fitness3 years ago (edited)

Hi my lovelies!
As you guys know, I've been quite busy training and preparing for my upcoming pole competition, and it's right around the corner! Only less than one week away - EEEK! I'm both excited and getting antsy, lol! I wanted to give you guys here at Steemit an exclusive preview of my routine. Here's a run through from yesterday, its finally coming together and smoothing out. I've been working on this routine for a couple months now. A lot of effort and time is put in just for 2 and half minutes of dance. The song is Time by Sevdaliza. This will be my second competition ever after 2.5 years of poling. :) I really hope you guys enjoy it!



▶️ DTube

Your routine looks great, you should do well. Where will the competition be?

It’s in Dallas at a theater :) thank you so much!

Wow..were all those around you training too or just your friends to watch you. This is beautiful @polebird.. Thanks for sharing this sweety

She’s my friend and she is also competitive so we ran through our routines a couple times to practice at the studio and critique 😁got to work up the stamina!

thats obvious...she appears skillful too

Waooo.you have put a lot of hard work into it...you will do good in the competition,i am sure of that...
Best of luck😐😙😙😙

Thank you Xabi for the kind words and thoughts! I sure hope so 😁

Looks good! Although for some reason, playback was flaky in the middle

Aww hope that goes away and thank you my friend!! ❤️

Less than week, oh, i can understand how much of mixed feelings you have because i am an athlete and i know when we prepare ourselves in Duration of years for one competition and in my case one race, and when countdown starts then that feeling is just can be felt and cannot expressed.

I want to wish you an good luck and you've done lot of efforts to perfect that 2.5 minute Art for sure, and when we put our heart and soul in our passionate work then for sure it will going to produce the great results.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Are tickets available for the competition?! I'd love to go support you in person! 👏👏👏

Yes!!! Pole sport organization southwest I compete Saturday maybe between 3-4 ish?? thank you!! 💕 you are so sweet! If you want to watch the bad ass professional section that goes on tonight :) come say hi if you do make it please!


Just ordered the tickets for tomorrow, we will definitely look for you! Which studio is listed by your name in the Day of Event Schedule?

Altitude!! Jessica :) level 4 championship thank you so much! So excited you will come thank you thank you!! Sorry for the late response

Dang, I saw this too late! We came in 2 people after you 🤤

Even though we missed each other, I'm still so glad JS and I went. Please let me know when your next event is so i can properly support you in person!!!

Awwww so sorry!!! It’s been so hectic!! I’m glad you got to come
And watch tho thank you so much it means the world!! You are amazing 😁 we should try to meet up some time! ❤️❤️❤️

For sure! Take care 👋

Ok so we're here at the theater, not sure if you already went on though!

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