@polebird: Dynamic pole - Ninja style flips and tricks

in #fitness3 years ago (edited)

Hi my Steemit friends!
Lately, I've been loving playtime on static pole. I'm starting to get more comfortable with super dynamic moves, and once you get over the initial doubt/nerves, there's so much potential tricking to be done on static. Practice makes progress! Here's the combo from our tricks class. It involves some pole swinging, a deadlift, and a flip down (which took quite a few tries to learn, lol). Hope you guys enjoy!



▶️ DTube

@polebird, Yes, it's reflecting as dynamic artistic piece and hope that you are enjoying this Dynamic Pole Ninja style. Keep up. 👍

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Always great to see you on the pole dear friend.
Always amazing and so inspiring.
Have a wonderful day, dear friend.

Thank you my friend!!

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