Arm Workout Today

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It's a little humid today so decided to go swimming early this morning then I made my coffee. I had extra time to workout at the gym, so I did a 30 minute arm workout. 😉

What about you, have you been keepinguup with your fitness activities?



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Keep it up do what you love

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Strong arms for a girl. Keep up your arm workouts.

Aw! Thanks ☺

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Looking good, staying active, staying (acti)FIT !! Keep it up, G!!

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Thanks! I workout every day now, mostly weightlifting but 15-30 only, focusing on one body part each day. I stop to using my actifit coz I always close all the apps on the background so I don't reach the goals. Hopefully after I finish this event planning, I'd be able to focus on using other dapps.

How's everything going on with you?

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It’s good to work muscle groups like that. Make sure you are training to failure, that’s how the muscles grow grow grow!!

What kind of event planning are you doing ??

Everything is good. Really been busy but have been able to balance everything going on in my life (work, school, steem, social, etc.) Still some personal work to achieve but it is always a constant battle.

Good to hear from you and hear that you are well, Gilaine 🤗

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purepinay I admire your dedication and willpower to train constantly, of course you need to keep your beautiful figure after visiting so many restaurants that prepared so many beautiful and delicious dishes, a hug and happiness always.

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I-I-is that armpit hair????? 😱😱😱😱

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