Cardio workout today with my zumba girls!

in #fitness2 years ago


Today, there's more people who joined the Zumba, four new faces and they're all cool! We all had a blast with some new twist that Edgar, our choreographer taught us.I didn't need to do another set of exercise after the Zumba! 😄

How's everything going on wyour end? Staying active?



Pretty cool, nice posture. I will like to see you in action and more update exercise.


Haha that's a lot of work to do! 😂

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I'll try, it's just that, I have very limited time. Super busy on the outside world 😁

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Hello friend @purepinay, very nurtured group, well I tell you that yesterday Tuesday, December 3 finished a treatment of therapies in my back, I told you that I am operated on the spine so I require therapies every 6 months and had 2 years without doing them, I can say that I feel much better, I was very tense to start and I'm more relaxed, I must continue with the exercises to follow well. Happiness always friend, a hug.

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