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I didn't have a lot of time today to finish writing my upcoming recipe blog because I had to smashed myself in the gym today and I made some delicious sweet potato tortilla.

I workout for an hour and 15 minutes, jump on the treadmill to warm up, trying to wake myself up since I didn't finish my 2nd iced coffee. After about 12 minutes, I was feeling the adrenaline in my blood blood, like I can lift a car, lol!

That's my trick to activate that spartan mode, you have to do some high intensity workout.

Next I did some shoulder workout started with 20 pounds dumbells, decreased the weight until I could barely lift another weight.

Good thing I was alone at the gym after doing few sets because I really feel screaming after the last set of my shoulder workout. No pain no gain, right?


I still had a tiniest energy in me so I did 3 minute core workout. I barely do core workout now a days because it takes up so much time to do it and I do it after my weight training.

Phew! Now I can eat my ice cream, kidding but I wish I have some in the fridge though! 😂 😂 I guess am just gonna have some chicken tortilla wrap using my freshly homemade sweet potato tortillas!


How about you, did you workout today? How do you feel?


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I played soccer Yesteryda nad the day before so I'm feeling kinda sore and taking it easy today I'll hit the punching bag a little later but nothing too hectic maybe some weights

homemade sweet potato tortillas?I didn't even know what was a think but now that I do, I want it, I want it badly

Staying active, nice!

Yes, instead of making pure flour tortilla, I my main base is the sweet potato, boiled and mashed then add some flour to it. Gosh it's so good, wish I can send some to you!

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I bought sweet potatoes today I’m going to try it out Over the weekend and see how it goes! So excited! Now to figure out what I’m going to use as my filling

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Looking good, keep going :D

Aw, thank you! How are you? Thanks for dropping by.

How was you holiday?

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Steem ♨ On !
Keep 💙 On !

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You really motivates me.I think everyday but unable to get time

You can always do a quick workout at home. Do you know how to do burpees?

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No.Will try to start workout today

You can look it up on how to do it. It's a good full body exercise you can do it before taking a shower.

@theycallmedan, thank you for curating my blog! More power to you!


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