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RE: @polebird: 💪 I finally did it! IRON X aka human flag (watch in dtube video) 💪

in #fitness3 years ago

Congratulations on both moves, both require insane strength! The exclamation was adorable! ;*

I am finally getting to a point where I can plan on taking some pole classes again but to prepare I have purchased a yoga trapeze. I was curious with your and your sister's aerial experience if either of you had tried them out? It is scheduled to arrive in a week and I am not being very patient. I can't wait to play and get stronger while doing so. Thanks for the continued source of inspiration!


Thank you!! Hahha yeah I was kind of shocked! That’s really cool I’ve never tried yoga trapeze, I would love to hear your feedback! Is it just a static trapeze or is there something specific for yoga about it? I bet you can do all sorts of tricks on it?

Basically a hammock with some TR-X straps lol

I had been craving inversion to address years of spinal compression, but don't have much ability in hand stand dept and I didn't want a bulky machine that only held me upside down. Whether the Instagram heard me discussing said racks ad nauseum to my guy or from all the yoga and pole overlap in my history, but I had an ad for the yoga trapeze and saw a multipurpose solution. I took it out for a spin at a local park and had a great time exploring and doing my best bat impression ;*

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