The Tone It Up Girls: The Fitness Goddesses of the 21st Century

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The future of fitness and weight loss...


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This fitness platform offers an incredible community of encouraging and loving women. I have never felt so positively motivated to move. Life is busy, but the TIU girls are too! That's why their 10 - 30 minute video workouts kick ass. I'll link one of my favourite ones below. It's a easy HIIT but it's a goodie! Tell me below if you tried it in your living room, just like they did.

I love how real these girls are. They're so relatable. They both had epic transformations themselves, whether it was physical or psychological. If you're a woman looking at starting a new healthy lifestyle, look no further. The workouts are phenomenal (I love the weekly schedules on their website), they give healthy eating tips on their social media links on a daily basis (or invest in their nutrition plan) and they're really just fun people to follow and start your health and fitness journey with. Give them a try and a follow!


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DISCLAIMER: None of the images are my own. I am promoting something I believe in using some of Tone It Up's promotional images.

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That's awesome! It sounds like a great program. Anything that gets you excited has already succeeded. In the past, I have tried various things out myself but once you get that spark like what this program has given you, is when you are on the path to success!

Best of luck to you on your fitness journey!

Omg I've been needing a new work out regimine!!! This looks great

there you go, you were telling me about them yesterday lol !

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