5 Days Of Drawing Hungry Snackers Complete

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The Family That Loves Snacking Together

Hello creative community,

Another batch of drawing now completed for this 5 day drawing challenge I made for myself. This is the 3rd series actually and the feeling of fulfilment is enormous for me.

As a recap of the experience,



This is the first drawing and like my previous series, the first is always critical. Either it gets me motivated or lazy. This is not easy to draw because I revised it twice, it went from being a male to female and back to being male. That was funny but I am glad I made the change.


Celery Stick

For a change I attempted to draw glasses which is quite seldom and that made this drawing a bit challenging. I also made a last minute revision on the eyes. From looking sideways to closed with delight. Again I am happy with the change.



I love drawing hair carefully strand by strand and this is my first time to experiment with loose strands and I love it.


Sweet Potato Chips

This is my favourite. It was fun drawing a grandpa character like I said I love creating those wrinkly lines and curly hair.


Cinnamon Roll

I love cinnamon rolls this I enjoyed drawing because my reward after finishing is a delicious cinnamon roll. I tried to copy the cinnamon roll right in front of me and I think I made a nice drawing. I had also achieved my vision for the character which is a cute boy with rounded eyes and face and that quirky hair cut.

Practice helps us get better each time we try. That is the aim of
Draw A Day Challenge I think this a good community to join and participate in if you are looking for fun and inspiring challenges related to art, drawing, scribbles and many more. Why not give it a try and show us your drawing. You may use the hash tag #drawaday so it will be easier to find. If you are already a member of the Draw A Day community, you may simply post your creation here and help the community grow. If you want to be a part of the community simply click on this link I can't wait to see your entries.


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