April 2, Disdain

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Disdain Over Someone On The Phone

Hello Draw A Day fam,

Second drawing is here I am feeling hopeful that I can finish this 5 day drawing challenge. Yesterday was a good entry and today I was not expecting anything but I was surprised to see what I had accomplished. I am not only drawing faces but they should also depict an emotion and this entry is about Disdain. I depicted it with strong eyes and curled lips.

Below are some captures of the work in progress :

I am using the same color palette from my April 1 entry to give this a curated look. On the line drawing I had to capture the right emotion which is Disdain. I focused on studying how the eyes and brows should look and this is how I settled on.

I am using a different eye color which is lighter than yesterday. The eyes should be quite bright this time which I had matched with the color of the blouse. I am not good at drawing hands as you can see from the line drawing. I had to hold my phone this way just so I can copy it.

Finally the adding of shadows and highlights. See how the flat hair gained some depth and volume just by adding some highlights and a few darker streaks of brown? Same applies with the face in general. I changed the background color to something darker. I did not define further the clothes and the hand as this is intended to be finished within 15 minutes or even less.

If you would like to join me in this challenge you may do so. It's up to you what topic or theme to draw but if you like Faces it would be better so I can also learn from you. Hope you like it.

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