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Hello creative community,

Here is drawing number 01 for the 3rd batch of this drawing challenge. This round I call it 5 Days Of Drawing Hungry Snackers. I was inspired by our late afternoon snack we do at our patio. This had become a bonding moment with my family.

This drawing shows one of my favourite snack the churros. My aunt loves to bake and churros is one of the recent snack she had learned to prepare. Dip it in chocolate syrup and you're good.

These are some of the work in progress photos:

Line drawing. I am in the mood for unkept hair that is the idea.

Base colors. For the hair I want to use blue, something that I have not used before because I mostly pick browns and reds. Although I am having second thoughts, blue is the final choice but picked a darker shade with grayish notes. For the skin I want something pale. Starvingly pale. 😁

Further defining the facial details. The iris are warm brown. The head turned at an angle which is something that I want to create. I want to challenge myself to draw different angles of the face.

This is the last detail the delicious churros with chocolate syrup dripping. The fingers are last additions to the drawing as well as the blue shirt. The color of the shirt took me a while to decide on as I was leaning towards red.

Practice helps us get better each time we try. That is the aim of
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Greetings, congratulations on your work.
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