Cool Grandparents Style

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Hello creative community,

The grandparents series is already completed yesterday and here today I show you the collection. Don't they look cool together? An assortment of grandparents style and fashion. Which one you like best?

Grandma in plaid boxy coat is the first drawing that I made. It never failed me being the first that will set the tone for this collection. I love the shape or the silhouette it is boxy with broad shoulders.

Grandma in vintage blouse is one of my favourite. It was fun working on the blouse, its colors and vintage patterns. The granny also looks pretty

Grandpa in animal prints. I just got to add a male figure to keep it diverse. Another fun drawing to work on especially the animal print.

Grandma in sweater, this is the most common look I see around. A comfy sweater, light colored pants and a hat. All those details can help a grandma feel comfortable on a short walk.

Grandpa in poncho, this is an unexpected piece. It looks different from the rest because this look is well curated unlike the others that are wearing random finds. A modern grandpa I must say. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my posts about grandparents style and fashion.

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