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Hello creative community,

Here is drawing number 03 for the Hungry Snackers series that I had been drawing for this round of 5 Days Of Drawing Challenge. I am glad I am not feeling burnt out nor demotivated. I am halfway now to completing the rest. Anyway, this is an image of a girl having that feeling of guilt after munching on a big box of caramelised popcorn. That look on her face is a combination of sadness and guilt. That is the idea of this drawing.

These are some of the work in progress photos:

This time I want to draw a young girl with a nice long brown hair. Big brown or hazel eyes. I also want her to have a youthful lip. My idea is a thin upper lip and the lower is plump and luscious. Hmmm quite challenging to create. Let's see.

For the base colors, I decided that they should be pale and something brown. That is the plan, quite easy and simple right? Will it work? I hope so. Keep reading.

I want her eyes to be luminous brown and I think I was quite successful but the eyes are very intense. Hmmm so to tone them down a bit I strategically positioned the light reflections on both eyes. Kind of dulling the intensity by adding that white dab of color on the iris.

My favourite part is always the hair. Each strand meticulously placed. On my previous drawings if you noticed, the hair strands are neatly done but this time I was not that too strict about it.

Now, the snack. One of my favourite snacks. A creamy, sweet and caramelly popcorn in a red box. Red makes them look delicious. Hope you like it.

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