Potted Asparagus

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Hello creative community,

Here is drawing number 03 for my garden plants series. To those who are new, I had been doing the 5 Days Of Drawing Challenge. Last week I finished drawing faces with emotions and this week it is about garden plants I saw in my grandma's place. This drawing shows an asparagus, an ornamental kind of plant not the edible one that we know. The leaves have fine needles making them suitable for floral arrangements. They last longer too.

These are some of the work in progress photos:

Don't be confused by my drawing it may look like a tree here but this is just a small plant with spiny and slender stalks or branches. My reference for this drawing is a real live plant.

I stick with the colors of the reference plant. Dark green pot and everything green for the plant except for that wilted brown branch.

This is how the leaves look like up close

The background must be green because that is my choice for this batch. Later on I had to adjust its saturation so it won't be screaming for attention.

That is it. Third drawing already which keeps me even more motivated. Hope you like it.

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