Five Word Stories Challenge #27 — Participate For Chance To Win SBD

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Tell a Story About This Image in Only 5 Words.

>> Five Word Stories Challenge <<

(Five Word Stories Challenge Week 05 Day 03)


To Participate, Simply Comment Your Story Under This Post and Resteem the Post



We might have runner ups in case of good traction to the posts.

For More Information About The Challenge Please Read The Readme Post Here

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No Internet. No Phone. Perfection.

The baby comes!! Which house?

Everyone sleeps and I do not know where to park, lots of space! hehehe

Why so quiet, where's everybody?

Amazing wonders of heaven's art!

the road is also a beautiful landscape

a picture of a unique landscape.

a fresh breath of success

Standardized living in clean nature!

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Green,Red, White, Brown ,Colors

Drug lords are in meeting.

(Too much Narcos episodes...) XD

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Bird: Finally, I can land!

Colorado Rocky Mountain high... parking

Green perfection with stranded cars.

A revving sound of silence.

where's the parking man, dead end!

Green green grass of home

Worldwide tourism takes over nature

Challenge #27: Spot The Difference.

Green Is Stunning, Definitely Relaxing!

very elegant weather, misty, shady tree, unique little house house, turning road, but the car is so neat, so fascinating, foggy weather, adding to the perfect natural scenery.b2travel

Family vacation? In the woods?

The aliens enjoyed idyllic lives.

A love that last forever!

Aerial pursuit of armed criminal.

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