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Tell a Story About This Image in Only 5 Words.

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(Five Word Stories Challenge Week 04 Day 04)


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Too tired to work anymore.

There is time for everything.

I love my John Deere!

Time to work, dear buddy!

That day I fell asleep.

sorry, no money no gas..😊

The wealthy farmer's fertile ground

Shat pants sleeping on tractor.

We thought he was napping....

My Deere's plum tuckered out!

Asleep at the wheel again.

Global positioning sensor is down.

rest more to sow dreams

Too tired needs to rest.

machine just need to rest

Tired, the farmer slept off

I'm proud of my job!!

Work hard, ease some more.

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I always feed the nation

harvesting not an easy job

Too tired to drive again

It was an angry hat.

Farmer sit on the tractor

I'm tired of wanting to rest for awhile

Nothing sleeps like a Deere.

I'll start the harvest tomorrow.

sleep a moment even above tracktor

Sungguh indah waktu istirahat walaupun hanya sementara

Siestas are for the win~

With the john deera gardening is very helpful.

She thinks my tractor's sexy!

sunny day, rest deere farmer

no food for, lazy man

Maybe they won't see me

It can wait 'til tomorrow...

Every farmer needs a break!

happy when harvest time arrives

Gotta love the palm trees.

For the general youth, revolution means the challenge of finding new values.

John Deere's lazy afternoon nap.

Imprtant read the small print.

Working hard or hardly working?

Tired of the struggle life

Farmer Brown, Lets System Down!

Facial recognition software was thwarted.

Don't even have to look.

All i want is "SLEEP"

So tired, need some rest

sleepyhead suddenly had a nap

Anyway sleeping is the sweetest.

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