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Tell a Story About This Image in Only 5 Words.

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(Five Word Stories Challenge Week 05 Day 01)

Image 4-29-17 at 11.48 PM.jpg

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Musings of a boxed soul

Traveling In Search Of Nature.

The picturesque was worth photograghing.

Running out of battery...really?!?

will be more satisfying and good results if you use technique shooting with technique Extreme Long Shot @b2travel , so, the shots cover a very large area with the intent to include elements around the main subject into the frame. The frame area of this technique can be even wider.
but overall its is a very nice fhoto, nice work buddy

A community will be formed by the cohesiveness and help each other who needs and needs that is the meaning of a community in my opinion.

because before I know steemit first I know the community and from the community I can join the steemit, thanks to all members of the aceh community that has given way for me so that I am also able to become a member like you insteemit community in Aceh.
I deliberately edit this logo because I want to prove that I live in Aceh and include members of Aceh's steemit.


indeed a togetherness really makes me understand about the new things in steemit so it will never lose if we join into the community because of self-benefit and there is never a requirement to join in a community like us in Aceh.

life alone it will never succeed and increase insight but togetherness is the key in understanding something because in the moment we are united the clever will devote all knowledge and the fool will also understand so there is no term to not be if all indo it together
so much from my greetings to members of community steemit aceh.

Those amazing powers of observation.

Photographing is also a high artistic value as well as amazing work @b2travel (50)

capturing with darkness will shine ?
my 5 word

Limitless skies and Carl Zeiss


Looking for that perfect shoot

take the photo. I'm hungry! :D

Discover sky over the clouds

I can't capture your heart.

if the sun is not covered by clouds

taking pictures with what camera ?

The biggest challenge in photography is to wait for the right moment for capture it.

Sun and I are hiding

really amazing I really like your photo.
thanks for sharing.

On top of the world :)

Just A Little Bit Higher

the ambiance of the beautiful twilight with the natural panorama that makes the photographer will take the picture perfectly, because not the glare with the hot light, thank you for sharing a very beautiful and fascinating photo @b2travel

Tripod is very useful thing!

That camera captures good pictures!

Photograph the sea of clouds.

Creating stories through my lens.

adventure photographer extraordinary.

Sunset stalking, the perfect moment!

How I missed the sunset.

Invincible is so so lonely.

record, combine, and beautiful results from the world (photography)

nature lover captured beautiful sunset

every photo is hidden meaning, in the photo you post, I conclude that your photo indicates that someone has been contemplating life, that life is between light and dark.

Capturing the beauty of nature

"I Captured The Sunset Today "

"I should have charged it."

It's natural wonderful God's Creation

For a photo you do in this high place I think the results are good..If the sun is more visible, I think the result will be perfect.

Good job @b2travel congratulats fo u

Musn't move to avoid blurriness. :D

Endings to a new beginning!

Waiting for the rising sun.

Photography In It's Best Shot

Photographer silhouette is cardboard cutout.

After sunset the moon rises.

Capturing the sunset always awesome.

Why this does not work

Capturing Nature's Best Need Patience

Capturing wonderful face of nature

Photograph taken sunset, I must.

let me set the timer!

Now I see the light

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Enjoying the beauty of sunset.

Sky is limitless, so imagination.

How to use this again?

I think I left something...

between hobbies and beautiful moments


where is shutter button dude?

Stealing the camera proved challenging.

Hi @b2travel I've included this competition in my Contests of Steemit 2018 article, and also entered (in a separate comment) :) Best wishes

Waking up early pays off.

The raw beauty of nature.

That was worth the hike :)

Great scenery to take photo

scenery full of color charm

Searching for the perfect shot

"The sunset? No, my neighbor!"

A canvas for the photographer

"It's all about the shot!"

I can capture the world!

this is a very nice flower, its color challenge is exhilarating.

It's cold capturing this shot!

Fear of the unknown tear

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