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Tell a Story About This Image in Only 5 Words.

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(Five Word Stories Challenge Week 05 Day 04)


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Acting normal for the photo 😅

Beauty lost in the city.

She Is Bold As Gold..

If only I can fly.

a beautifully beautiful fountain, made the city beautifully beautiful, with a very elegant painted cat that looked at it, a neat flower tree with special arrangements and care, neat building structures, all of which must be tempted.@b2travel

"These hedges sure are boring"

Golden sparkle wishes to fly.

Touched by Midas, with love

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Beginning. Woman fights beast. End.

I can't calm my tits! :D

Losing angel in the Garden

Garden showing the courage of a woman...

Yikes! I think I'm lost!

can you guess my size?

Oh, sunbath got me good!

Angels are in the garden.

Come soon, I'll be waiting

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Winged girl under twin towers

Having fun under the sun

that's nudity at its peak.

beautiful goddess enjoys the sunshine

Guardian of the double world

Gold goddess naked without shame.

She came with the hotel

In making a fresh start

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Flying is not my specialty.

Golden Statue of Winged Creature

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Golden angel in the garden

Winged Golden Goddess Becomes, Beholds

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